Amputee Rehabilitation

People with amputations undergo physiotherapy in order to walk with their prosthesis (artificial leg) in the most normal way possible. Physiotherapy also aims to help them return to their regular activities, work and / or sport where possible. Caregiver training is also provided if the clients are unable to achieve independence when donning or walking with their prosthesis.

We work closely with other healthcare professionals including the prosthetist, orthotist, podiatrist and rehabilitation physicians to provide holistic rehabilitation to help our patients achieve their goals.

The Foot Care and Limb Design Centre is the only rehabilitation centre in Singapore that provides multidisciplinary care for people with amputations.

Physiotherapists play a role at three stages during the rehabilitation process:

Phase 1: Pre-prosthetic rehabilitation

This phase is to get the patient ready for the fitting of the prosthetic leg.

Phase 2: Prosthetic rehabilitation

The patient is re-orientated with everyday activities such as walking, climbing stairs, maneuvering of drains, slops and obstacles.

Phase 3: Advanced balance and activity training

When the patient is ready to progress, he / she will be trained in activities such as running, mountain climbing, etc.

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