Spinal Cord Injury Rehabilitation

You or your loved one has just suffered an injury to the spinal cord.

This may have occurred suddenly, after an accident or gradually as a result of a disease of the spine or spinal cord.

You may now be having some of the following complaints:

  • Inability to move your legs partially or totally and having difficulty walking
  • Inability to move your hands partially or totally
  • Numbness of the lower and /or half of your body
  • Difficulty in passing urine or moving your bowels
  • A sense of helplessness and despair

Our rehabilitation team will help set you on the path towards functional recovery.

Your stay with us may last between one to three months. Apart from learning to walk or use a wheelchair, and to take care of yourself, you will start a personal bladder training programme to prevent complications from changes in your bladder function.

Physiotherapy and occupational therapy sessions are from Monday to Friday to improve mobility and the ability to take care of yourself.

Therapy may not continue if the doctors decide that your condition is unstable. Your progress will be monitored weekly and your programme reviewed. You will be prescribed any necessary mobility and self care aids such as wheelchairs, walkers and commodes.

Before discharge, we will discuss any relevant issues or concerns you may have with you and your family, such as fertility and sexuality issues, home and work assessment and modification, and vocational advice.

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