Volunteer Patient Programme (VPp)


Volunteers are important in supporting patients in their inpatient rehabilitation journey and their reintegration to the community. One pertinent role volunteers can play in patient care is to complement the rehabilitation team in preventing unscheduled readmissions due to social reasons.

Volunteers contribute by outreach work that focuses on re-educating patients on skills taught during the inpatient rehabilitation programme and by providing timely feedback to the Rehabilitation Centre’s Medical Social Workers on patients struggling or not coping with self care.

TTSH Rehabilitation Centre’s Volunteer Patient Programme was established in May 2009.

Roles of Volunteers

The roles volunteers can play in TTSH Rehabilitation Centre are:-

  • Befriending patients
  • Engaging patients in social activities in the ward and in the community
  • Assisting in practical matters like reading letters, ordering and/or purchasing basic necessities and, if required, escort patient for his 1st medical appointment

Recruitment of Volunteers

Those in the age group of 16 to 62 years old are welcome to register as volunteers in the TTSH Rehabilitation Centre’s Volunteer Patient programme.

Volunteers’ Knowledge Development

Acquiring knowledge on disability issues and effective communication skills are paramount to the volunteers’ roles. For this matter, experienced professionals from TTSH Rehabilitation Centre will conduct a half day training session for you prior to your volunteer work.

The table below describes the in-house training programme to be conducted for newly registered volunteers.

Key Areas Core Competencies (Total training time – 2.5 hours) Staff-in-charge
1. Understanding disability Basic understanding of disability Rehabilitation Physician
2. Befriending skills Conversational skills & skills in asking questions Medical Social Worker
3. Wheelchair handling Understanding safe wheelchair handling Occupational Therapist
4. Infection control Understand and practice good hand hygiene practice Nurse Clinician
5. Fire Safety Understand and know fire safety in the ward Ward Fire Warden