Types of ACP

What does ACP include?

It includes:

  • Sharing your personal values, beliefs and goals for care with your loved ones and healthcare providers.
  • Exploring your healthcare preferences in difficult medical situations, which could include circumstances at the end-of-life.
  • Appointing a Nominated Healthcare Spokesperson (NHS) to represent your voice and make your preferred medical decision should you be unable to speak for yourself one day.

By making your wishes known, your loved ones and caregivers do not have to make guesses about what you might want or would not want.

Types of ACP

ACP can be broadly categorised into 3 approaches:

  1. General ACP
    For relatively well and healthy individuals
  2. Disease Specific (DSACP)
    For patients with progressive, life-limiting illness with frequent complications
  3. Preferred Plan of Care (PPC)
    For patients with more advanced illness whom one is not surprised will pass away within the next 12 months