Why do ACP?


It is difficult to predict what the future would be. However, you can prepare by letting your loved ones know your care preferences, and what matters to you most. This will make it easier for them to make health care decisions for you in future.

  • When the time comes to make important end-of-life decisions, people are incapable of participating in those decisions.
  • It is difficult for family members and the healthcare team to predict what type of care the patient would have chosen.
  • You can ease their burden by voicing your preferences now.


  • Allows you to understand and reflect on your medical condition
  • Allows you an opportunity to make choices about your future healthcare preferences
  • Allows you to appoint a Nominated Healthcare Spokesperson (NHS)
  • Allows you a sense of control and individual autonomy
  • Allows you to reduce your burden in decision-making during difficult situations
  • Allows you to strengthen your relationships between your family members and healthcare providers