Choice of Ward Accomodation

Can I choose my class of ward?

Patients can choose their class of ward accommodation except for cosmetic surgery and private patients of visiting consultants. The latter two categories of patients can only choose between class A and B1 wards.

Patients are advised to choose an appropriate class which they can afford.

How to change my class of ward accommodation?

Please inform the nurse-in-charge of the ward that you wish to change your class of ward accommodation. He/she will then assist you in making the necessary arrangements. Please note that retrospective charging will apply to all services, except ward charges, from the day of admission upon upgrading to a higher class of ward.

Request for change of accommodation upgrading / downgrading is subject to the availability of beds.

How do I upgrade my ward class during my stay?

A deposit is required at the point of making the request. Upon your transfer to a higher ward class bed, the rate for the higher class will be levied for the ward charges from the date of transfer. Please note that all other charges for services (e.g. medication, professional fees, laboratory, X-ray, surgery, ward procedures, etc.) incurred in the lower ward class till the day of upgrading will be recomputed and charged at the higher class rate.

How do I downgrade my ward class during my stay?

The lower class rate will be levied from the date the patient physically occupies the lower class bed. ICU patients, except non-residents, can opt for a downgrade if they satisfy the Means Testing criteria.