Clinical Research & Innovation Office

For Healthcare Professionals and Researchers

Our services cover both pharmaceutical sponsored studies as well as investigator-initiated studies. 
  • Pharmaceutical
  • Investigator-initiated

  • Clinical Research
    Support Team
  • Monitoring of
    Research Efforts
    in TTSH
  • Education &



  • Principal Investigator trial matching service
  • Co-ordination of submissions to Domain-Specific Review Boards (DSRB)
  • Study budgeting and contract negotiation
  • Clinical trials account monitoring
  • Study documents and source documents archiving
  • Advise Finance Department in accounts creation, tracking of expenses, amount to be invoiced to sponsor and disbursement of funds upon trial closure


  • There are 8 full-time GCP-trained Research Coordinators. They are experienced in coordinating Phase 2-4 clinical studies.


  • Assist in obtaining approval from DSRB and, if necessary, Clinical Trials Certificate (CTC) from HSA (Health Science Authority)
  • Coordinate all grant applications to external funding agencies
  • Coordinate collaborative agreements
  • Inform the necessary parties upon grant approval
  • Advise Finance Department in account creation for successful grants


  • Multi-centre (local and overseas) study coordination (central) and management
  • Site management – site initiation, logistical planning and writing of study guidelines according to study requirement
  • Both web and envelopes randomisation service for clinical trials


  • CRIO assists in study design, develop protocols and design CRF. Our protocol and CRF development services are governed by SOPs and comply with SGGCP guideline.

The Clinical Research Support Team comprises of an Epidemiologist, Biostatisticians, a Data Manager and a Senior Medical Writer. 

A good study design is important for successful research studies and clinical trials. A poor study design with bias and errors cannot be rectified by any statistical adjustment. Our team is able to guide you right from study conception to data collection and publication of research findings. Investigators are encouraged to meet relevant team members based on their needs. Please email us at 


CRIO Epidemiological services include the following (but not limited to):

  • To conceptualize research questions
  • To select the appropriate observational study designs
  • To advise on potential bias and limitations of study
  • To design questionnaires or clinical record form
  • To advise on database setting and data management
  • To provide statistical and epidemiology support for presentations / manuscript writing
  • To address relevant comments from reviewers
  • To collaborate on research projects


CRIO Statistical services include the following (but not limited to):

  • To form specific research question or hypothesis
  • To advise on RCT (randomized controlled trial) study design
  • To provide sample size estimation
  • To generate randomization/treatment allocation code
  • To advise on data collection/cleaning
  • To provide statistical support for data analysis and results interpretation
  • To write or review the study design, statistical methods and statistical results/discussion section for abstract, poster or manuscript
  • To address the statistically relevant comments from reviewers
  • To provide statistical input for grant applications


CRIO provides secure and cost-effective data management services. The data management services include:

  • Database setup (Excel/Access/REDCap)
  • Data management support
  • Data validation
  • Data cleaning


CRIO Medical Writing services include the following:

  • To proofread manuscript and grant applications
  • To provide editorial services for manuscripts and grants
  • Grant writing support
  • Abstract writing
  • Grant writing
  • Manuscript writing
  • To address relevant comments from reviewers
  • To collaborate on research projects
  • Numbers of clinical research / clinical trials (submitted, ongoing and completed)
  • Numbers of grants approved submitted / approved
  • Numbers of publications
  • Facilitate education, training and accreditation / certification for clinicians, investigators, research nurses / coordinators / fellows / assistants
  • Organise and provide research education and training