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Trauma Training Centre

The TTSH Trauma Training Centre, the training wing of the Trauma Centre, is a regional trauma training hub. The Centre runs several regional trauma courses such as the Definitive Surgery for Trauma Care (DSTC) Course, the Advanced Trauma Life Support (ATLS) Course, and the Basic Emergency Sonography for Trauma (BEST) Course.

Click here to find out more about Trauma Training Centre. 

Intensive Care Training

A comprehensive 2 day course is provided to all junior doctors, doctors caring for the critically ill. All doctors rotating though ICU are encouraged to attend. BASIC comprises of lectures and skill stations led by members of our consultant group, including simulation and group work, and has been updated to reflect latest and best practices. The course aims to teach ICU concepts and therapies, as well as familiarity with monitoring and equipment.

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Geriatric Emergency Medicine

The TTSH Emergency Department (ED) was the first to start a Geriatric Emergency Medicine (GEM) service in Singapore. Since 2006, we have introduced several initiatives with the aim of improving the delivery of care to elderly patients in the ED.

Click here to find out more about GEM fellowship for doctors and a biannual GEM seminar for nurses, open for application.

Allied Health Integrative Network

The Allied Health Integrative Network (AHINet) have designed a wide range of programmes to cater to the needs of Allied Health Professionals, Pharmacists and Nurses in acute and community settings.

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TTSH is a teaching hospital where Medical, Nursing, Allied Health and Pharmacy students come to learn.

Students posted to TTSH are part of the patient’s care team. Partnership and collaboration amongst the health care teams are the foundation to improve patient outcome; and the importance of such collaboration is reinforced throughout the student’s learning experience at TTSH.

An integrated office set up on 1 April 2013 to coordinate, review and improve Pre-Professional Education porgrammes in TTSH. Pre-Professional, refers to allied health, medical, nursing and pharmacy students from ITE, Polytechnics and Universities who have not graduated from their NITEC, Diploma or Degree courses. 

PPEO will work closely with the educational institutions to ensure that the students' learning objectives are met while they are attached at TTSH. PPEO will also coordinate all students', including overseas students' attachments, electives, postings and internship within TTSH. PPEO is headed by an Education Director, a post currently held by A/Prof Tham Kum Ying.

Who does PPEO care for?

  1. Allied health students
  2. Medical students
  3. Nursing students
  4. Pharmacy students and
  5. All elective students whose placements are arranged by PPEO.

PPEO is also the liaison unit with the Singapore health professions schools i.e. ITE, Nanyang Polytechnic, Ngee Ann Polytechnic, NUS Department of Pharmacy, NUS Yong Loo Lin School of Medicine and NTU Lee Kong Chian School of Medicine. PPEO is the point of contact for TTSH's instructors, tutors, lecturers for ITE, Polytechnics and Department of Pharmacy, and clinical teachers and educators appointed under the Yong Loo Lin School of Medicine Clinical Faculty Scheme and Adjunct Schemes, and in time to come, teaching faculty appointed by Lee Kong Chian School of Medicine.

What is the scope of work for PPEO?

  1. Health professions students’ clinical rotation/attachment in TTSH
  2. Organisation of examinations for above students
  3. Administration of clinical teaching by TTSH staff for above students 

Contacts for PPEO:

Office Hours: Monday to Thursday – 8.00am to 5.30pm, Friday – 8.00am to 5.00pm

Location: TTSH Annex 2 Block, Level 3 (East Wing)


Chua Hui Ming: 

Jamie Loo: 


Penny Yew: 

Rachel Lau: 

Allied Health 

Megala Devi D/O Krishnan: 

Rachel Chong: 


Rachel Chong: 

Visit Pre Professional Education Office (PPEO) website.

MEO is an office that works with clinical departments to organise post-graduate training, inter-disciplinary/inter-professional training, immersion programmes, scholarships, and non-medical student programmes.

The 4 sectors of MEO i.e. Clinical Training, Medical Library, Life Support and SIMTAC, aim to provide educational leadership and coordinate resources; to facilitate clinical departments in education and position TTSH as the preferred teaching hospital. MEO is headed by Assistant Chairman, Medical Board (Education), a post currently held by A/Prof Tham Kum Ying.

Who does MEO care for?

  1. Non-medical students e.g. secondary school, junior college students during TTSH placements
  2. Medical officers under MOPEX
  3. Clinical fellows and clinical observers
  4. Doctors on TTSH Scholarships and HMDP programmes
  5. International medical graduates (IMGs) on Immersion Programmes. 

MEO supports the departments and the doctors while they are completing the above programmes.

What is the scope of work for MEO?

  1. Clinical fellowships and observerships
  2. Conference sponsorships
  3. Hospital level mandatory programmes for HOMOs e.g. assessment of bladder catheterisation
  4. Immersion programmes for IMGs, in collaboration with MOHH
  5. Life support training
  6. Medical library and learning resource centre
  7. Placements and attachments (scheduled) for non-medical students 
  8. SIMTAC, on behalf of NHG
  9. Standardised patients liaison and management
  10. TTSH Scholarships and HMDP for doctors
  11. Others: hospital monthly conference, TTSH and external teaching awards, co-organisation of faculty development programmes etc.


Jaime Tan Shu Ting (TTSH)