Travellers' Health and Vaccination Clinic (THVC)



Due to discontinue the production of Mencevax, we are out of stock for Mencevax® (meningococcal polysaccharide vaccine). 

Other meningococcal vaccines can be used for those needing protection during travel, including Menactra® (meningococcal conjugate vaccine). Meningococcal vaccine is used mainly for travel to Saudi Arabia for Haj and Umrah, as well meningococcal risk areas in sub-saharan Africa. 

Please discuss this with your travel medicine doctor or nurse. Do call at 63572222 for appointment before visiting the clinic. We apologize for any inconveniences.

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Be travel savvy and safe- determine your vaccination needs and get the appropriate immunization before your embark on your trip.

We strongly encourage that you consult our doctors for travel health advice regarding vaccinations required or recommended for your destination about 4-6 weeks before departure.

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