TTSH Community Fund


The TTSH Community Charity Fund (TTSH CCF) was set up in 1995 to help needy patients. Today, the charity is known as TTSH Community Fund. 


We support over 2,500 needy patient cases, especially the elderly and those who fall through the cracks. We give timely and critical help to these needy patients where all other avenues of financial help are exhausted.  

Our Fund provides needy patients with assistive aids such as breathing equipment, wheelchairs for stroke patients, dialysis, non-standard medication, home-based therapy for the bedbound, nutrition programmes to help in recovery as well as dentures and hearing aids to assist in daily living. All of these are unsubsidized medical costs, and the needy sick depend on our charity for support. Our Fund also actively promotes better patient care through medical research and medical training. 

As of 8 January 2014, TTSH CCF has been incorporated as a Company Limited Guarantee (CLG) under the Companies Act Cap 50. This new CLG was named TTSH Community Fund. The purpose of incorporating this new CLG is so that we can manage and administer our fundraising disbursement activities in a more transparent manner. It is also a step towards better corporate governance independence. The purpose, objectives and the spirit of the charity of this new entity remain the same as before. Read more. 

Here are some of our ongoing campaigns and events:

“One to a Million” Quest


It is vital to have a steady and reliable source of income so that help can be given to the needy sick whenever they need it, even during uncertain times. Pledge a regular donation to help. No matter large or small, every donation can make a significant impact to our patients' lives.

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When you “Spare A Meal”, you have taken a meaningful step to help needy elderly patients who are stricken with chronic illnesses that require long-term medical care. These elderly struggle to afford the cost of their treatments as many of them have little or no family and financial support.

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Charity Ride


Each year, the TTSH Charity Ride rallies together Charity Riders who endure challenges and fatigue to conquer harsh cycling terrains, in order to raise funds for our needy patients.  

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