TTSH Community Fund


TTSH Community Fund (TTSH CF) runs more than 100 patient-centred programmes, helping at least 2,500 needy patients each year. We actively support those who fall through the gaps of the system, especially the “sandwiched class” and elderly poor sick.


One such example is Mdm Soh, who receives the support she needs through our Diabetes Care Programme (DCP). Here’s her story…

6 years ago, I was diagnosed with diabetes. I was in my mid-sixties and already retired.

I was a primary school teacher prior. I was passionate about teaching and cared for my students like they were my own children. However, I had to retire early because of my many health problems.

I am single, have little savings, and have been unemployed for almost 15 years due to my health.

My medical expenses are a heavy burden, and depleted the little money I had. TTSH Community Fund provides me with syringes, glucose test strips and lancets which cost more than $200 a month so I can self-monitor my condition at home and prevent it from worsening.

I am very thankful for the Fund’s assistance. My condition is under control, my fatigue is less extreme, I am able to read and also remain active.

TTSH CF actively helps needy patients with their out-of-pocket medical expenses that are not subsidised by the various medical assistance schemes.

Our Charity also supports training and research to deliver better patient care.


A steady stream of donations will ensure the needy sick get the help they need, even in uncertain times.

Pledge a regular donation today. No matter large or small, every donation will make a significant impact to our patients’ lives.

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When you spare a meal and donate the equivalent, a needy sick is assisted.

For as little as the cost of a meal, you take a meaningful step towards helping needy patients who cannot afford out-of-pocket medical expenses after discharge.

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As TTSH turns 173, we invite local/local-based brands and companies to join us as our Champions to help the needy sick in our community and improve their quality of life.

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