​Singapore Patient Action Awards is a dedicated platform to honour individuals and groups of ordinary folks who are very passionate in making a positive difference to healthcare and support patient volunteerism and advocacy. There are 5 award categories opened for nominations to all health and social care institutions, based in Singapore.

Nominators may belong to any of the following categories and must be based in Singapore:

Primary Healthcare Services

  1. Hospital Services (Public and Private Hospitals and Specialty Centres)
  2. Community-Based Intermediate and Long Term Care Services (Home-based Services and Centre-based Services) and Residential Intermediate and Long Term Care Services (Community Hospitals, Nursing Homes, Inpatient Hospice Respite Care and Chronic Sick Hospitals)
  3. Healthcare Agencies and Voluntary Welfare Organisations
  4. Social Service Sector (Social Enterprises etc)
  5. Any Healthcare Professionals, Workers and Team such as Doctors, Nurses and Allied Health Professionals
  6. Healthcare Volunteers

  1. Nominators must clearly describe the behaviours and actions that distinguish the nominees from others.
  2. Please include tangible evidence to substantiate the nomination (e.g. testimonials, media reports etc.).
  3. Please provide illustrative examples such as photographs of patient engagement and interactions etc.
  4. There are 5 awards categories opened for nominations to all healthcare institutions, based in Singapore.

​The 5 award categories in Singapore Patient Action Awards honour exemplary patients, caregivers and patient support and volunteer groups and healthcare team who are involved in the 3Es (Empower, Engage, Experience) of transforming patient experience, right here in Singapore.

Please refer to the individual award category for more details on the criteria.

Common Traits and Characteristics of Singapore Patient Action Award Nominees are:

  1. Proactive Care Champion - going beyond the call of duty to advocate the noble cause of transforming healthcare delivery, based on their personal experiences and stories in navigating the journey of healing.
  2. Compassionate Care Provider – demonstrates exceptional care and heartfelt empathy towards lending a helping hand to other patients and caregivers who are in need.
  3. Dedicated Care Partner – partners with the community and healthcare team to help our needy community; and in doing so, inspire other volunteers and community partners to step forward and contribute.