​Abstract Submission has closed. Thank you for your interest!

​Delegates are invited to submit abstracts for presentation and inclusion in the conference proceedings. Submitted abstracts must not have been published before 5 October 2023.

A committee will review the abstracts and decide if they are to be Oral or Poster Presentations.

Prizes shall be awarded (categories to be advised).

  • Abstracts must be written in English.
  • The title must contain no more than 30 words.
  • For author’s names, abbreviate the first name(s) of each author with the first letter, followed by the author’s last (family) name, which should be CAPITALIZED. Please refrain from including titles or degrees. For example, Dr. John Teo will be written as J. Teo.
  • Presenting author’s name must be underlined.
  • Include the name of the department, university, town and country of all the authors, in this order. If the authors are from different departments/universities/companies, link each author with a superscript and the corresponding affiliation.
  • Please adopt the following 4-section format for the abstract: objective(s), design and method(s), results, and conclusion(s).
  • The body of the abstract must not exceed 300 words (excluding title, authors and institution).
  • All abbreviations must be defined on first use in the text.
  • Use generic drug names.
  • References, tables and figures should NOT be included.
  • Funding support of the research should be indicated if appropriate. Sponsorships must be given.
  • The content of the abstract is solely the responsibility of the author(s), and must be of an original scientific research.
  • Emailed files must be in Word 97-2003 format (i.e. a .doc extension).

Please send your abstract to