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  • Trauma Training Centre

    The TTSH Trauma Training Centre, the training wing of the Trauma Centre, is a regional trauma training hub.

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  • Intensive Care Training

    A comprehensive 2 day course is provided to all junior doctors, doctors caring for the critically ill.

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  • Geriatric Emergency Medicine

    Since 2006, we have introduced several initiatives with the aim of improving the delivery of care to elderly patients in the ED.

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  • Allied Health Integrative Network

    The Allied Health Integrative Network (AHINet) have designed a wide range of programmes to cater to the needs of Allied Health Professionals, Pharmacists and Nurses in acute and community settings.

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  • Centre for Asian Nursing Studies (CANS)

    CANS spearheads nursing Research, Innovation and Education (RIE) initiatives across local and regional healthcare systems.

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  • Centre for Health Activation (CHA)

    Launched in 2017, Centre for Health Activation (CHA) was set up to focus on Activation, Research and Training – also known as the ART of CHA.

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  • Centre for Allied Health and Pharmacy Excellence (CAPE)

    Centre for Allied Health and Pharmacy Excellence (CAPE) is a new strategic platform to further innovation efforts in Allied Health and Pharmacy.

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