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The TTSH Trauma Training Centre, the training wing of the Trauma Centre, is a regional trauma training hub. The Centre runs several regional trauma courses such as the Definitive Surgery for Trauma Care (DSTC) Course, the Advanced Trauma Life Support (ATLS) Course, and the Basic Emergency Sonography for Trauma (BEST) Course.

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A comprehensive 2 day course is provided to all junior doctors, doctors caring for the critically ill. All doctors rotating though ICU are encouraged to attend. BASIC comprises of lectures and skill stations led by members of our consultant group, including simulation and group work, and has been updated to reflect latest and best practices. The course aims to teach ICU concepts and therapies, as well as familiarity with monitoring and equipment.

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The TTSH Emergency Department (ED) was the first to start a Geriatric Emergency Medicine (GEM) service in Singapore. Since 2006, we have introduced several initiatives with the aim of improving the delivery of care to elderly patients in the ED.

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The Allied Health Integrative Network (AHINet) have designed a wide range of programmes to cater to the needs of Allied Health Professionals, Pharmacists and Nurses in acute and community settings.

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CANS was established in 2016 to generate nursing thought-leadership that is uniquely Asian focused.

CANS spearheads nursing Research, Innovation and Education (RIE) initiatives across local and regional healthcare systems. These three thrusts are strategically aligned against CANS’s key strengths in core areas such as geriatrics, infectious disease, wound care and others.

CANS’s mission is to help establish regional platforms and networks to grow competencies, enhance collaboration and promote thought and practice leadership, consequently changing and continuously improving nursing contributions to healthcare.


Ang Wei Kiat James
Manager, Centre for Asian Nursing Studies

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