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​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​Medical Education Office (MEO) works with clinical departments to organise post-graduate training, inter-disciplinary/inter-professional training, immersion programmes and scholarships.

The 5 sectors of MEO i.e. Clinical Training, Medical Library, Life Support, SSTC and SIMTAC, aim to provide educational leadership and coordinate resources; to facilitate clinical departments in education and position TTSH as the preferred teaching hospital.

Please contact Medical Education Office for more details. For SIMTAC enquiries, please contact SIMTAC.

Who does MEO care for?

​MEO supports the departments and the doctors while they are completing the above programmes.

  1. Doctors on TTSH and external conference sponsorships
  2. Medical officers under MOPEX
  3. Hospital level and clinical specialty level mandatory educational and training programmes for TTSH doctors and MOHH junior doctors, e.g. assessment of bladder catheterisation
  4. Doctors on TTSH Scholarships and HMDP programmes
  5. International medical graduates (IMGs) on Immersion Programmes

What is MEO's scope of work?

  1. Clinical fellowships and observerships
  2. Conference sponsorships
  3. Hospital level mandatory educational and training programmes for TTSH doctors and MOHH's e.g. assessment of bladder catheterisation
  4. Immersion programmes for IMGs, in collaboration with MOHH
  5. Life support training
  6. Medical Library and Learning Resource Centre, collaboration with NHG Education on e-journals and e-books
  7. SIMTAC, on behalf of NHG
  8. Surgical Sciences Training Centre
  9. TTSH Scholarships and HMDP for doctors
  10. Others: Hospital monthly conference, co-organisation of faculty development programmes, partnership with NHG on teaching awards, collaboration with MOHH on MOPEX/DOPEX end posting evaluations etc.​​

​Simulation & Integrated Medical Training Advancement Centre (SIMTAC)

SIMTAC will be the hub to support, facilitate and advance the use of Simulation Based Healthcare Education (SBHE) in the National Healthcare Group (NHG), Singapore.

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