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From 1 July 2024 to Q2 2025, the Land Transport Authority (LTA) will be upgrading the escalators at Novena MRT Exit A. During this period, the escalators will not be in use. Click here for more details on alternative routes.
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Visiting your loved ones?

Please adhere to our policy when visiting a patient in our wards.

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Dir​ections to TTSH



11 Jalan Tan Tock Seng, Singapore 308433

Nearest MRT Station:
Novena Station (Exit A)​​


Notice : Click here for directions to TTSH Integrated Care Hub (TTSH-ICH)​.

Passengers alighting at Bus stop number 50038 (Novena Square) along Thomson Road, may use the underpass at Novena MRT station to proceed to TTSH via Exit A.​​


Parking & Fees

Main TTSH​

Mondays to Saturdays (7 am to 6 pm):
$2.40 per 60 minutes

Mondays to Saturdays (6 pm to 7 am) and Sundays & Public Holidays:
$2.40 per entry

TTSH Integrated Care Hub (TTSH-ICH)

Mondays to Saturdays (7 am to 6 pm):
$1.80 per 60 minutes

Mondays to Saturdays (6pm to 7am) and Sundays & Public Holiday:
$2.40 per entry


Public Season Parking Available

$200 per month.

Download app​ and select ICH carpark to apply for Public Season Parking.​



Taxi Stands

TTSH Ward Block
(Level 1)

TTSH Medical Centre
(Basement 2)

TTSH Integrated Care Hub
(Level 1)​


TTSH Floor Plan

Find your way around the hospital and clinics, and discover our facilities.

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PMA Charging Stations

Locate the PMA Charging Stations at TTSH and NCID.

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Guide Dogs

​To better support and enable our visually-impaired community, most of the public areas in our hospital are accessible to their guide dog companions.

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HealthCity Novena Shu​ttle Bus

TTSH provides full-day shuttle bus service within the HealthCity Novena campus. The service is for both staff and public.

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