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Your Hospital Stay​

The following resources were developed to help​ you prepare for your hospital stay, to inform you of all the services and facilities we offer and to make your stay with us as smooth and comfortable as possible.





​After your admission, a principal nurse will be assigned to your care. You will be oriented to your ward and the facilities available. Our doctor will visit you and record your medical history. He will then carry out any necessary examinations and tests.

Patient Identification

For your safety, a patient identification wrist band, which contains your name, NRIC, ward number and address, will be provided. Please wear the bracelet at all times during your stay.


Upon your admission to the hospital, you are deemed to have agreed to treatment which may be required for your medical condition. Certain procedures, such as surgery, the administration of anaesthesia and certain diagnostic processes, would require your consent in writing. Your doctor will explain these procedures to help you understand them better.

Doctors usually conduct their rounds in the morning to review patients. They are also on duty round the clock to attend to your urgent medical needs. You may seek clarification from the doctor on any treatment, examination, procedure or drugs given to you.

Nurses Call Service

All beds are fitted with a call-buzzer so that you may contact the nursing staff for assistance whenever necessary.

Personal Items

For your convenience, you may wish to bring along your own personal items such as:

  • Slippers

  • Pyjamas

  • Toiletries (e.g. toothbrush, toothpaste, soap, shampoo, comb, etc

  • Books/magazines to read

  • You may also purchase a compact toiletry kit at our Retail Pharmacy

  • Patients in our Deluxe and A-class wards are each provided a toiletry set


Please do not keep valuables or excessive cash with you during your hospital stay. If you have these items when you are admitted, please ask your relatives to take them home, or hand them over to nurse-in-charge for safe-keeping at ward’s designated patient property safe. The hospital will not be responsible for any loss of valuables or cash kept in the ward/room.

Food Service

Providing a balanced diet for our patients is part of the overall healthcare programme offered at TTSH. Western, Chinese, Muslim and vegetarian menus are available for your selection according to your preferences. However, if you are on a therapeutic diet, please observe the dietary requirement as prescribed.

Hospital dietitians are available to discuss your special dietary requirements with you and your family.

Visiting Hours

Visit Visiting TTSH page for more details.


Smoking is strictly prohibited within hospital grounds by law. Offenders will be fined $1000. Kindly do not bring cigarette packets to the hospital.


Private telephones are available in the rooms for Class A or B1 wards. Alternatively, public coin and card telephones are located outside the wards for your convenience. As mobile phones can interfere with medical equipment, they are not allowed in the wards. Kindly remind your family and friends to abide by this rule.

Electrical Appliances

Personal television sets should not be brought into the ward unless prior permission is obtained. A battery-operated radio is permitted provided the volume is kept at a minimum level or earphones are used. A battery-operated laptop computer is allowed in single-bedded rooms whereas in multi-bedded rooms, it is allowed only if it does not disturb the neighbouring patients. A nominal fee will be charged and prior approval has to be sought.

Leaving the Ward

Please inform the ward staff before leaving the wards at all times. For your safety, please do not leave the hospital premises without the permission of your doctor-in-charge.

Deluxe Suite

Air-conditioned room with attached bathroom and toilet, toiletries, telephone, television, mini fridge and a fully automated electric bed. There is also an adjoining private room for visitors and family members. A daily newspaper in the language of your choice is provided.

A1 (Single Room)

Air-conditioned room with attached bathroom and toilet, complimentary toiletries, telephone, television, mini fridge and a fully automated electric bed. Patients in our A-class wards are each provided a toiletry set

B1 (4/5-bedded)

Air-conditioned room with attached bathroom and toilet, telephone and television.

B2 (5 Bedded)

Well-ventilated room with fans, attached bathroom and toilet.

C Class (6 Bedded)

Well-ventilated room with fans, common bathroom and toilet.

Our Feedback Form is going DIGITAL!​ Please share your insights and words of encouragement or appreciation for our care team. After your Hospital visit, you will receive an SMS from TTSH inviting you to take part in our online survey to share about your experience. The Hospital respects the privacy and confidentiality of our patients. Any information you provide will be handled with utmost care.​​


TTSH Integrated Care Hub ​(TTSH-ICH)

​TTSH-ICH offers a comprehensive suite of rehabilitative, subacute and palliative care.​

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