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TTSH Mobile Inpatient Care at Home (MIC@Home) caters to the preference of patients who seek comfort and familiarity when receiving care. As an alternative to conventional hospital stays, our clinical services are delivered to medically suitable patients in their residences. Our dedicated team of doctors, nurses, and allied health professionals ensures comprehensive care while monitoring patients remotely.​

​With TTSH MIC@Home, we aim to redefine the healthcare experience and empower our patients.​

Services Offered​​

During home visits, our clinical team provides tailored care to meet your needs. Our range of services encompasses both remote and in-person modalities which include but not limited to:

  • Remote care monitoring
  • ​24-hour call concierge to attend to your non-emergency medical queries​​
  • Home visits by our clinical team
  • Support the administration of intravenous infusion or injections
  • Sample collections for lab investigations
  • Bladder and wound management
  • Caregiver training and patient education​
  • Medication delivery
  • Return to the hospital for scans and day procedures​​

​Conditions Suitable For TTSH MIC@Home​​

Patients who are suitable to continue receiving care at home may have cellulitis, urinary tract infections, pneumonia, gastroenteritis, dengue fever, rhabdomyolysis, influenza, and viral fever. Other conditions, such as COVID-19 infections in patients with weakened immune systems, as well as post-operative care for selected patients following surgery, are also considered.​​​

​Why Choose TTSH MIC@Home

TTSH MIC@Home offers several benefits to our patients. 

  • Patients can enjoy the comfort and familiarity of their own homes while continuing to receive care, minimizing disruptions to their daily activities or routines.
  • ​Patients have the flexibility to spend their time more meaningfully at home in between regular treatments and while awaiting test results. They can find solace and support as they recover and recuperate, surrounded by loved ones.
  • Our service also eliminates the need for caregivers and loved ones to commute between home and the hospital to visit patient. Moreover, families are relieved of the pressure to adhere to dedicated hospital visiting hours.
  • Additionally, our clinical team extends education and support to patients and their family caregivers within the home environment.
  • Apart from the benefits and conveniences of receiving treatments at home, the risk of hospital-acquired infections is also greatly reduced.​​

How T​o Get A ​Referral

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How Much Will It Cost

Patients are eligible for government subsidies and they can tap on MediShield Life & Medisave in line with the existing Acute Inpatient Financing Framework by the Ministry of Health (MOH). In addition, patients can also utilize their Civil Service Card and Integrated Shield Plans*. Patient will be counselled on the charges prior enrolment to TTSH MIC@Home service.​

*Please check with respective Integrated Shield Plans provider on the details of your coverage.​​​

​Patients will be supported by subsidies, MediShield Life and MediSave, no different from a physical inpatient stay​.
– Mr Ong Ye Kung, Minister for Health.​

​This schedule is effective 1st April 2024

(Rates published are estimated, and for reference only.)

Services/Items Fees are dependent on subsidy levels​
Daily Home Monitoring Fee​
$36.00 - $197.00
(​Inclusive of 9% GST)
Other Charges
  • ​​In-Person Home Visits
  • Nursing Procedures
  • Lab Investigations and Tests
  • Scans
  • Standard/Non-Standard Medication
  • Medication Delivery and Courier Service
  • Transportation (as required)

​​​​​Contact Us

Ask your TTSH Doctor on your eligibility for TTSH MIC@Home and experience the convenience and comfort of receiving care at home.​

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