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Patients scheduled for elective surgery ​will be referred to our Pre-Admission Counselling and Evaluation (PACE) services at Basement 2, TTSH Medical Centre.

You will be given all the information you need regarding the proposed procedure or surgery and how best to prepare yourself.

Pre-operative evaluation and tests will be conducted to ensure that you are fit for the proposed surgery. Financial counselling and information on your estimated bill size will also be provided.​

Please bring the following documents along for registration:
  • Your NRIC or Birth Certificate (if you are below 15 years old)
  • or Passport (if you are a foreigner)
  • Medical benefit identification documents
    • Letter of Guarantee from employer
    • Hospitalisation Identity Card
    • Civil Service Card, etc
  • CPF Membership card, valid P, Q, R, Employment Pass or letter from employer for Work Permit / Employment Pass holders
For elective (or planned) admissions, the following documents are needed:
  • ​​The ‘Authorisation Form for Admission’ from your doctor
  • Financial Counselling Form with the estimated bill
  • Required deposit (if​ any)

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