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Our Charity runs entirely on public donations.

Every dollar to our Charity goes directly to support our activities. The TTSH Community Fund is a reg​istered charity with IPC status.

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Our Key Programmes

Learn more about our programmes that are helping the needy.

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How Can You Help?

Do our causes speak to you? If they do, feel free to show your support. We are deeply grateful for any support given towards TTSH Community Fund.

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Who Do We Help?

TTSH Community Fund supports needy patients, especially the elderly who are unable to afford out-of-pocket expenses, such as expensive non-standard medication to breathing equipment to mobility dentures.

Our Charity also supports healthcare research, innovation and training for our staff and the community to deliver better patient care.

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Stories of Giving

Stories of Giving is TTSH Community Fund's 25th Anniversary campaign featuring individuals who have been part of the journey in improving the lives of needy patients and the community.

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Fraud alert

While individuals and groups may raise funds for TTSH Community Fund, all street or door-to-door collection of donations require the fundraiser to produce the House-to-House & Street Collection (HHSC) Licence issued by the Singapore Police Force.

You have the right to find out more about a fundraising campaign before making a donation.

If you are approached by an individual or group claiming to be raising funds for our charity, we encourage you to do any of the following before making a donation:

  • Request for a copy of the House-to-House & Street Collection Licence (HHSC)
  • SMS to 79777 in the format "FR“ Example: FR L/HH/001111/2011
  • Verify online
  • Verify the campaign on the Police@SG smartphone application

Our charity’s fundraising campaigns are listed on our website here and here, and on

If in doubt, please take down the fundraiser’s particulars e.g. full name, school (if applicable) and the location of the fundraiser activity, and contact us at or 6357 2500.


  1. Safe Giving
  2. How and When to Report a Concern

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