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Stories of Giving is TTSH Community Fund's 25th Anniversary campaign featuring individuals who have been part of the journey in improving the lives of needy patients and the community.

  • Committed to doing Good

    Having overcome hardship during childhood has inspired Mr Alfred Tay to help those in need

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  • “I Know How It Feels to Lose a Loved One to Illness.”

    Ling has always wanted to give back to society because she is thankful that Singapore has provided her the means to improve her family’s financial situation

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  • The Best Thing in Life is to be Able to Lift Somebody Up

    “Knowledge makes one a doctor, but compassion makes one a healer.”

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  • Anyone can Make a Difference

    "We believe Singaporeans are generous and are forthcoming with their support when they see how they can contribute to a cause that is close to their hearts”.

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  • Journeying with Patients Living in Poor Health

    Fundraising is never easy, and the team works hard to raise funds because the Kampung spirit in TTSH is strong.

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  • ​​“This Sense of Purpose Helps us to be Resilient”

    Caring for patients at the end of their lives is emotionally challenging. Being able to keep them comfortable at the end and helping them to fulfil some of their final wishes are what motivates us in the palliative care team."

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