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​​​Upcoming Event

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​​DTU Bazaar​

To celebrate TTSH Founder's Day, Our Diversional Therapy Unit (DTU) volunteers will be bringing you uniquely handcrafted gift items. Come and support DTU at their bazaar sale!​​

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​​​​​​Ongoing Campaigns

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​​Walk 180,000km for a cause!

In the bustling corridors of our hospitals, nurses are the unsung heroes whose dedication and compassion form the backbone of our healthcare system. Armed with determination, passion, and patience, they work tirelessly each day to provide unwavering support to patients and their families.

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​​Interim Dialysis for Needy Patients

Struggling with chronic or end-stage kidney failure, Tan Tock Seng Hospital's (TTSH) needy patients can ill afford the out-of-pocket costs of private dialysis treatment while waiting for placements at subsidised dialysis centres, before their discharge.​

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​​Legacy 180​​​

This year, Tan Tock Seng Hospital (TTSH) is celebrating its 180th anniversary. To mark this significant milestone and uphold the legacy of Mr. Tan Tock Seng's legacy of giving, we seek your support in extending a helping hand to TTSH's less fortunate patients.

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Past Campaigns​

Project Hongbao, an annual fundraising campaign, started as a donation drive involving schools during the Lunar New Year. This year, we expanded to include a wider range of participants, from schools to organisations to individuals. This collective effort warms our hearts and brings festive cheer to our beneficiaries.

Nearly 2,300 students participated in the colouring activity and fundraising drive for Project Hongbao. 
A big thank you to all donors, as well as the following schools:
  • Admiralty Primary School
  • Bukit Panjang Primary School
  • Fern Green Primary School
  • Maha Bodhi School
  • Nanyang Girls High School
  • Pasir Ris Primary School
  • Tampines Primary School
  • West Grove Primary School
  • Zhenghua Primary School
  • Springfield Secondary School
We also express gratitude to all seven centres of Raffles Kidz Preschool and Star Learners Child Care at CCK Central, Jurong East, and Yung Ho for their involvement. Besides giving back to society, inculcating these values in our youth is precious.

Project Hongbao received generous support from the public, raising over $80,000 to aid our needy patients with out-of-pocket expenses, as well as to support healthcare research, training, and education.

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Health for Generations

When Mr Tan Tock Seng founded Tan Tock Seng Hospital (TTSH) in 1844, it was the first hospital started by and for the people of Singapore. The "Health for Generations" campaign commemorates TTSH's 180th anniversary and honors Mr Tan Tock Seng's legacy.

For nearly two centuries, the hospital has cared for generations of families in Singapore, expanding its capabilities and capacities along the way. Our shared commitment to healthcare excellence propels us forward. We are not just guardians of health; we are architects of a resilient future, dedicated to anchoring care in the present and future, providing health for all, and Health for Generations. 

The campaign successfully raised over $250,000 in support of our Charity's programmes.

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Needy Patients Transport Assistance

The Needy Patients Transport Assistance helps needy patients with their out-of-pocket transport expenses for medical appointments and/or interim dialysis treatments while awaiting National Kidney Foundation applications to be processed.

All proceeds from this campaign will be used to alleviate these costs. We extend a heartfelt thank you to all donors, as the contributions will greatly ease the heavy caregiving burden faced by these families.

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​​Art of Giving

We would like to extend our deepest gratitude for your generous support of the recent fundraising project, Art of Giving, organised by Arudio Ceramic. 

The event was conducted from 13 May to 20 May 2024 at Tan Tock Seng Hospital’s atrium. Thank you for your commitment to supporting our local artists and for embracing the spirit of giving.​

Part of the proceeds raised from this exhibition went towards supporting our charity.

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A heartfelt thank you to everyone who joined us for the "Share A Bowl of Rice" art exhibition at Tan Tock Seng Hospital's atrium from 8 to 12 January 2024!


Presented by Art Action, this year's exhibition was a celebration of art, featuring captivating paintings, exquisite ceramics, and beautifully crafted couplet writings—all in the spirit of the upcoming Lunar New Year festival.

Part of the proceeds raised from this exhibition went towards supporting our charity.



Nursing knowledge through years of ground experience in managing and delivering care to patients and the community, especially in times of crises, provide rich and precious teaching material.

TTSH Nursing has come together to produce a novel resource 'textbook', to share valuable knowledge and experiences with fellow nurses across the hospitals, and transformative lessons from the pandemic and the way forward.

A big thank you to all our supporters who have helped us to produce the book! Our nurses aim to help not just TTSH Nursing, but also the larger nursing community thrive as we move forward heart to heart to meet challenges in the future.

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​#WeLoveSingaporeHawkers 2023

Celebrating Singapore Hawkers Even As We Support Needy Patients In The Community

December 2020 saw our Singapore Hawker Culture successfully inscribed on the UNESCO Representative List of the Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity; but the sudden appearance of COVID-19 in early 2020 had already started to impact everyone's life, and that of the hawkers' livelihood as well.

​For this, the TTSH Community Fund project wants to record and recognise the hard work and contribution of our precious hawkers. Thus, even as we raise funds for our patients to be able to return to life in the community, we hope also to use our platform to raise awareness and celebrate our unique hawker culture.

Through this project, we aim to raise funds for our IWanttoGoHome (IWGH) and Help Me Go Home Programmes which help needy patients to be discharged home equipped with continued care.

About #WeLoveSingaporeHawkers

#WeLoveSingaporeHawkers will be unique in presenting the best rojak (meaning 'mixed' in Malay), containing everything about hawkers – past, present and future – through the perspectives of hawkers, customers, suppliers and even the support systems.

The book will share inspiring stories of hawkers, both old and new, who keep heritage dishes available, recipes of iconic hawker dishes that originated in Singapore and, essential cooking techniques that make hawker fare flavourful. It will also take readers through journeys about famous hawkers and food that no longer exist, as well as the development and evolvement of hawker centres and the thoughtful architecture behind these buildings and structures.

#WeLoveSingaporeHawkers is a collection of photos, anecdotes, illustrations and interviews contributed by well-known writers and renowned photographers and illustrators. It will be an enlightening and interesting read for both Singaporean as well as international readers and will help everyone better appreciate hawkers and their role in Singaporeans' way of life.

Only two thousand copies of the book were printed.​

Every Lunar New Year, schools from all over Singapore participate in our campaign; ‘Project Hongbao’. Students not only get the chance to design and colour their own red packet, but also celebrate this festival through giving back in the form of a kind donation, as well as a message of well wishes to our beneficiaries.​Project-Hongbao-1.jpg  



The pre-schools and primary schools that participated this year were:​

  • ​Admiralty Primary School
  • ​Bukit Panjang Primary Schoo
  • Evergreen Primary School
  • Fern Green Primary School
  • Greenridge Primary School
  • Maha Bodhi School
  • Pasir Ris Primary School
  • Springfield Secondary School
  • Tampines Primary School
  • West Grove Primary School
  • ​Xingnan Primary School
  • Xishan Primary School
  • Zhenghua Primary School ​

We would like to say a big thank you for each and every school for their support! We hope to continue working with them next year.

What was the experience like for White Lodge Kindergarten and Pre-School?


The Hongbao project is for helping people. I like helping people"

– Taya Belle Bar Menashe, White Lodge kindergarten student at Phoenix Park

When TTSH Community Fund approached White Lodge K​indergarten and Pre-School to participate in ‘Project Hongbao’, they did not hesitate. After seeing especially, the needy, sick and elderly lives affected by the COVID-19 pandemic, they saw a cause that was important to them and felt like this their chance to help the community in their own way. White Lodge Kindergarten and Pre-School were especially keen on TTSH Community Fund’s focus on supporting healthcare research, stating this to be an important lesson at a preschool level.

As part of their own Chinese New Year celebration at their school, Project Hongbao was a great addition, providing the opportunity for the students to experience giving back in a creative and fun way. This fell in line with their belief in Singapore’s many and mixed cultures and traditions as a unique and special way of giving back and being there for one another.

The project was very well received within the school community by the parents and students alike, and everyone took pride in the opportunity to collaborate with TTSH Community Fund this year. The children thoroughly enjoyed decorating and filling up a Hongbao as a token of good wishes, reflected by their wonderful submission and generous donations.

We would like to say a big thank you to White Lodge Kindergarten and Pre-School for their initiative, compassion, and enthusiasm in this campaign. We very much hope to continue sharing this experience for the coming years!

Keep a lookout for more updates and for future campaigns and events!

What was the experience like for Mulberry Learning @ Tanjong Pagar?


It is not easy to inculcate the values of caring and sharing among children below 7 years but Mulberry Learning @ Tanjong Pagar readily took up the challenge through participating in Project Hongbao. Teachers at the centre shared videos and arranged picture talks in class to help children understand the plight of the less fortunate, as well as the challenges faced by the elderly and the less-privileged.

The children then decorated their red packets before they penned down their well wishes to the beneficiaries and staff at TTSH Community Fund. As some of the children were only 18 months old, the objective of Project Hongbao may be hard to grasp. This is where the parents come in to share their inputs and help their children deepen their understanding on helping others.

Mulberry Learning Centre adopts the Habits of MindTM Curriculum where little Mulberrians are constantly exposed to activities and social stories involving empathy. Project Hongbao then allowed the children to look at the world through the eyes of gratitude and help them better learn and understand how their collective action can make a positive difference in the lives of those in need.

Making Chinese Hongbao was fun! We decorated our red packets and my mummy helped me to put in some money to help more people.”

– Daniel Lim K1.

Dr Ho Eu Chin and Dr William Go from TTSH shares the relationship between dementia and hearing loss. This webinar is part of the Futureproof Your Health series, jointly brought to you by TTSH Community Fund and NHG Fund.


The COVID-19 pandemic has certainly been a challenging time for many of us. However, in times like these, we have learnt that the biggest impact is made if we join our hands together and be Stronger Together.

Besides helping our needy patients with their out-of-pocket expenses, your donations will also support healthcare research, innovation and training to improve patient care.

Your donation towards this campaign will be matched dollar-for-dollar under Tote Board’s Enhanced Fundraising Programme (EFR) capped at $250,000.


Recently, I was at a food center and I was having my lunch. An old lady came to clean my table. She was frail. Her hands shook, holding the cloth that was to wipe my table. Despite all these, she wore a smile so bright - you know it is from the heart. She is probably in her mid 60s. I observed her. After my lunch, I ushered her over. She thought I needed her service to clean my table. As her shaking hands reached out for the table, my hands reached for hers. I pressed a $10 note into her palm.”

To JT, nothing is better than to direct his birthday​ gifts in the form of donations to the Helping Elderly Patients Programme (HELP). Donate via to support JT’s campaign!

On the weekend of 16 – 18 Apr 2021, Italian luxury label TOD’s held their annual Charity Shopping Weekend to raise funds for the Helping Elderly Patients Programme (HELP) under the Charity. 2021 marks the 7th year of partnership with TOD’S and we would like to express our deepest gratitude to TOD’S for their continuous support.




In January 2020, Hwa Chong Institution reached out to TTSH CF to organize a Chinese Calligraphy fundraiser at the atrium of the hospital. Both TTSH staff and members of the public can purchase Chinese calligraphy couplets that will be written right at the booths by the students to support the students’ passion and our Charity. TTSH CF certainly look forward to future fundraiser collaborations such as this.​


TTSH Charity Heritage Walk 2019: Tan Tock Seng's Journey is TTSH Community Fund's inaugural heritage walk for charity.

In 1844, Mr Tan Tock Seng donated 7,000 Spanish dollars to build the Pauper's Hospital at Pearl's Hill. Through various heritage sites along the 8km trail starting from Pearl's Hill to present day TTSH at Novena, participants will be learning about Mr Tan's life and his contributions to early Singapore. The Charity Heritage Walk 2019 aims to bring greater awareness of Singapore's rich history and how early merchants who made good also made great efforts to better the lives of our forefathers, who were in turn able to contribute to Singapore today.

This event commemorated the hospital's 175th Anniversary and 200 years of Singapore story. The walk has been endorsed by the Singapore Bicentennial Office as part of the Singapore's Bicentennial Commemoration.

Beyond nostalgia, this walk also managed to raise $1 million for the TTSH Community fund, which supports needy patients with out-of-pocket expenses, as well as healthcare research, training and education.

You may also refer to TTSH News for more information on the Charity Heritage Walk.​

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