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Celebrating Singapore Hawkers Even As We Support Needy Patients In The Community

December 2020 saw our Singapore Hawker Culture successfully inscribed on the UNESCO Representative List of the Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity; but the sudden appearance of COVID-19 in early 2020 had already started to impact everyone's life, and that of the hawkers' livelihood as well.

For this, the TTSH Community Fund project wants to record and recognise the hard work and contribution of our precious hawkers. Thus even as we raise funds for our patients to be able to return to life in the community, we hope also to use our platform to raise awareness and celebrate our unique hawker culture.

Through this project, we aim to raise at least $500,000 for our IWanttoGoHome (IWGH) and Help Me Go Home Programmes which help needy patients to be discharged home equipped with continued care.

About #WeLoveSingaporeHawkers

#WeLoveSingaporeHawkers will be unique in presenting the best rojak (meaning 'mixed' in Malay), containing everything about hawkers – past, present and future – through the perspectives of hawkers, customers, suppliers and even the support systems.

The book will share inspiring stories of hawkers, both old and new, who keep heritage dishes available, recipes of iconic hawker dishes that originated in Singapore and, essential cooking techniques that make hawker fare flavourful. It will also take readers through journeys about famous hawkers and food that no longer exist, as well as the development and evolvement of hawker centres and the thoughtful architecture behind these buildings and structures.

#WeLoveSingaporeHawkers is a collection of photos, anecdotes, illustrations and interviews contributed by well-known writers and renowned photographers and illustrators. It will be an enlightening and interesting read for both Singaporean as well as international readers and will help everyone better appreciate hawkers and their role in Singaporeans' way of life. Three thousand copies of the book will be printed by November 2022.

Donations will be Matched Dollar-for-Dollar

Donations to this fundraising project will be matched dollar-for-dollar under Tote Board Fundraising Programme, capped at $250,000 per charity.

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