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Having overcome hardship during childhood has inspired Mr Alfred Tay to help those in need.

When Alfred failed English in secondary school and ended up in a vocational institute, his parents were worried about his future. But Alfred remained optimistic. He chose to focus on his strengths, and he strived to give his best in whatever job he undertook.

In his early thirties, Alfred was retrenched as a manager. He had to take on odd jobs to make ends meet.  But he did not give up on life.

Today, as a business owner, Alfred believes that the trials he faced has strengthened him. It gave him the impetus to support TTSH Community Fund.

I believe that commitment is important in relationships and philanthropy. Once I make a commitment to do good, I will set aside some money for charitable giving before planning my next holiday. Doing good doesn’t mean giving big amount of money. The intention must be for the good of others. Hence, it is my desire to support smaller charities on an annual basis so that the charities can focus on helping the beneficiaries, instead of worrying about cash flow. This is why I choose to pledge an annual contribution to TTSH Community Fund.” - Mr Alfred Tay

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