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Ling knows too well how it feels to lose a loved one to illness. Having witnessed how her younger sister battled Lupus for more than 10 years and eventually succumbing to the illness at a tender age of 18 leaves a scar in Ling’s heart.

Life was tough growing up in Malaysia in a family of seven. When her father could no longer work due to a heart disease, the burden of providing for the family fell on her mother’s shoulders. The family simply couldn’t break out of the poverty cycle.

To lighten her mother’s load, Ling headed to Singapore for better job prospects. She worked as an office assistant and led a frugal life, saving as much money as possible so that she can support her family in Malaysia.

Ling has always wanted to give back to society because she is thankful that Singapore has provided her the means to improve her family’s financial situation. Hence, every year, Ling sets aside some money to donate to TTSH Community Fund. She hopes the money can help needy patients to age with dignity in the midst of their health challenges.

As a child, I witnessed how my mum saved up her coins so that she can accumulate some money to buy food for the needy in our neighbourhood. Our family was living in poverty, but that did not stop my mum from doing good. This has left a deep impression on me. Even though I may not be able to donate a big amount, whatever I can give, I will give.” - Ms Woo Mei Ling

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