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As Senior Medical Social Worker (MSW) at Tan Tock Seng Hospital, Ms Wong Hui Mei works with the hospital’s multidisciplinary team and community partner to create a strong ecosystem which facilitates the recovery process and improve the overall well-being of needy patients.

Because Hui Mei and her team work closely with TTSH Community Fund to process needy patients’ applications for financial assistance, and have also participated in some of the fundraising initiatives, they know that fundraising is challenging. So, they put in extra effort to help raise funds for needy patients.

Hui Mei appreciates that TTSH Community Fund has enabled many needy patients to access healthcare services and medical consumables that are not covered by other financial assistance schemes, and that the Fund is prompt in processing applications, which matters a lot to the needy patients.

She recalled a patient with Nasopharyngeal Cancer whose application to TTSH Community Fund was approved within two days, which enabled the patient to get his hearing aid almost immediately. The patient was elated because he no longer feels left out in the community. His quality of life has improved because he could hear clearly and communicate with others.

Fundraising is never easy, and the team works hard to raise funds because the Kampung spirit in TTSH is strong. We want to help the needy, and we believe that no one should be left behind." - Ms Wong Hui Mei

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