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Welcome to TTSH Integrated Care Hub (TTSH-ICH)

​TTSH-ICH offers a comprehensive suite of rehabilitative, subacute, and palliative care.​


Our priority is to facilitate patients’ return to their daily lives and active participation in the community. Supported by committed multidisciplinary teams which carefully design each patient’s care plan, we aim to empower patients, encourage active ageing, partner the community in providing sustainable healthcare services, and provide holistic care towards patients’ end of life. TTSH-ICH is also home to ​Dover Park Hospice​.

​​Our Care Philosophy


We work with patients and caregivers on their care journey to support them for a smooth return to home and community. Our philosophy of Every Moment a Rehabilitation Moment adopted in our innovative and integrated care model helps patients achieve the highest possible potential that their conditions allow.​​​​​

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