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CANS was established in 2016 to generate nursing thought-leadership that is uniquely Asian focused.

CANS spearheads nursing Research, Innovation and Education (RIE) initiatives across local and regional healthcare systems. These three thrusts are strategically aligned against CANS's key strengths in core areas such as geriatrics, infectious disease, wound care and others.

CANS's mission is to help establish regional platforms and networks to grow competencies, enhance collaboration and promote thought and practice leadership, consequently changing and continuously improving nursing contributions to healthcare.

With our local and overseas partners from Asian networks, local healthcare institutions, industry leaders and schools, we aim to build a sustainable network to Co-Learn, Co-Create and Co-Lead, grow better competencies and practices through nursing research, innovation and education.

  1. Co-Learn – review existing practices to see if they are still relevant
  2. Co-Create - we want to co-create solutions through research and innovation to uncover new knowledge  for obsolete practices and on-going challenges
  3. Co-Lead – generate thought leadership to chart Asian nursing together

We seek to achieve outcomes in 5 tracks:

  1. Clinical Excellence, specifically in geriatric care and infectious disease management
  2. Team-based Care, with focus on nurse-led initiatives
  3. Workforce Transformation with role enhancement:
    • Nursing Beyond Nurses – aims to expand and extend nursing impact on holistic care through training and empowering support staff and /or informal caregivers
    • Nurses Beyond Nursing – focuses on job up skilling and job value expansion for nurses, to practice at top-end of license and deliver better outcomes
  4. Nursing Leadership – harnessing the potential of shared governance to inspire different generations of nurses to work towards a common goal
  5. Community Care

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CANS is anchored by the CANS Advisory Council, CANS Faculties and CANS Partnership. Dialogues between and within these committees are facilitated by the CANS Support Office.

CANS is further enabled by the following levers:

  1. Tan Tock Seng Hospital
  2. Ng Teng Fong Healthcare Innovation Programme Funding
  3. Centre for Healthcare Innovation
    • Co-Learning Network
    • Knowledge Management Portal

In 2016 we partnered Johnson & Johnson to jointly develop and deliver a nursing training programme targeted at enhancing the skills and knowledge of Operating Theatre nurses.

In 2018 we partnered the Wound Healing Society of Singapore and Zuellig Pharma to launch a Wound Care programme to promote excellence in wound care and management across the region.

​CANS would like to formalise relationships with her partners through Memorandums of Understandings (MOUs). The MOUs would guide the commitment to deepen the co-learning and collaboration opportunities such as:

  1. Training fellowships and study exchanges
  2. Nurturing communities of practice between practitioners
  3. Engage in long term partnerships such as research

​Advancing Perioperative Practice & Safety programme (APPS)

OT.pngThis programme was created to create a platform for learning and sharing to meet the current challenges in the field of peri-operative nursing.

It comprises of three units and is structured to promote co-learning and co-leading among participants. There are also opportunities to broaden the scope of learning via site visits. The three units are:

  1. Peri-operative Management
  2. Operating Theatre Utilisation
  3. Quality and Patient Safety

Woundexpert Initiative Chronische Wunden (ICW) programme (Asia)

Wound.pngThis wound care programme is co-organised by Wound Healing Society of Singapore and Zuellig Pharma. It is led by ICW-certified trainers Dr Chew Khong Yik, Consultant Plastic Surgeon at Singapore General Hospital and Ms Diane Eng, Nurse Clinician at TTSH, with support from an international pool of wound care experts.

The programme covers topics such as management of wound infection, coordination or care for patients with chronic wounds and multidisciplinary approaches to wound management. There are also two days of observational clinical attachments.

Aging-sensitive Nursing Care for Healthsystem OldeRs (ANCHOR)


ANCHOR programme aims to equip the nursing teams from collaborating institutions with geriatric nursing knowledge and skills in promoting geriatric sensitive care. ANCHOR trained nurses are empowered to take the lead to optimise care for older adults in the healthcare setting through health promotion, comprehensive geriatric assessment, holistic management, care transition planning and coordination. ANCHOR believes in promoting aging-sensitive care through education, leadership support, innovation and research.

Community Health Programme for Healthcare Professionals

Community.jpgWith the greying population in Singapore, there is an emerging need to build capabilities beyond the nursing profession. In order to deliver better care in the community, healthcare professionals need to develop competencies attributing to nursing and allied health. The population health model underscores the need to promote health in the community.

Ang Wei Kiat James
Manager, Centre for Asian Nursing Studies

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