Frailty and sarcopenia have garnered much awareness and attention in recent years. Other than IGA’s landmark project, GeriLABS, that has been going on since 2013, other crucial studies also play a major role in sharpening our understanding of frailty as a multi-dimensional concept, together with the challenges and opportunities associated.

With our strong position in frailty and sarcopenia research, backed by reputable geriatricians accredited for their expertise, it is of paramount importance for IGA to remain steadfast in boosting and promoting evidence-based practices.



Develops clinical/biomarker phenotype of sarcopenia to predict community-dwelling older adults at risk of adverse outcomes of frailty or rapid functional decline. Examines the longitudinal changes in blood-based and imaging biomarkers in terms of sarcopenia measurements and correlate these with frailty and functional outcomes.



SAIF (end-to-end System for Assessment and Intervention of Frailty) aims to reduce the risk and delay the progress of physical frailty in community-dwelling older adults by providing risk assessment and introducing personalized intervention plans for users.



EDIFY (Emergency Interventions for the Frail Elderly) is a novel service that focuses on delivering patient-centered care through a multidisciplinary team approach and aims to reduce the number of acute hospitalization in older adults. A multi-component frailty intervention package will be provided to pre-frail and moderately frail older persons to enable them to maintain or improve their health status via an evidence-based approach.