Strategically nestled within the largest geriatric practice in Singapore serving the central population of Singapore, our interdisciplinary research aspires to build capabilities towards rigorous, relevant and evidence-based practice, to ultimately influence and improve clinical practice and care.

Area of Focus

Our Landmark Study


GeriLABS, the acronym for our study titled “Longitudinal Assessment of Biomarkers for characterisation of early Sarcopenia and predicting frailty and functional decline in community-dwelling Asian older adults”, aims to develop a clinical/biomarker phenotype for the prediction of frailty and functional decline in community-dwelling older adults.

Our Publications

Research Publication

Notwithstanding competing challenges from their clinical, educator and administrator roles, our clinicians have been heavily involved in a wide range of research and publishing steadily over the past years. Multi- and interdisciplinary collaborations with both local and international researchers have propelled IGA further in our growth.