To create an integrated community of healthcare, medical education and translational research in a vibrant and sustainable communal environment.


An Integrated Development for Total Care


Novena has long been established as the medical precinct for the Central region of Singapore. Its healthcare legacy started more than a century ago with Tan Tock Seng Hospital taking root first in 1909, followed by HCA Hospice Care, Dover Park Hospice, Ren Ci Hospital, the National Skin Centre and the National Neuroscience Institute. The Lee Kong Chian School of Medicine is the latest addition to the dynamic healthcare community here.

By virtue of their proximity, these institutions have often partnered one another to provide care to the public. Ren Ci Hospital, for example, has opened its wards to Tan Tock Seng Hospital’s inpatients who are stable and need less clinical care. This arrangement has enabled the acute care hospital to see to more critical patients. Doctors from Tan Tock Seng Hospital and the other institutions under the National Healthcare Group – also the Regional Health System or RHS for Central Singapore – have also been working very closely with Singapore’s newest medical school to ensure a closer alignment between the population health needs and the skillsets of graduating doctors.

Just providing more of the same will soon not be enough for a growing and greying community whose healthcare needs are getting more complex with each year. Thus, we will need an integrated approach to total care in Novena, one that anticipates and addresses the healthcare needs of the future for Central Singapore.

This vision of an integrated care approach is shared by many likeminded organisations in Novena. Together, we have developed a healthcare masterplan where buildings that perform complementary functions are sited together to optimise care and interlinked via sky bridges, pedestrian-friendly streets, leafy parks and underground car parks for safe, convenient and good access to care.

This is just a first step towards total holistic care for the community. We look forward to more exciting developments as we nurture a community of care in Health City Novena where Healthy Life is Central.

Madam Kay Kuok
National Healthcare Group




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