The National Skin Centre (NSC) took over the old Middle Road Hospital, which had housed the treatment of sexually transmitted and skin diseases since 1945, after the Second World War.

In 1988, NSC opened its doors on Mandalay Road. As Singapore's one-stop tertiary centre for patient care, research and education on skin diseases, many aspects of dermatology, including specialist training, have their origins in NSC.

With deep expertise in subspecialities developed over the years to treat complex skin diseases, NSC has become a renowned centre providing undergraduate and graduate education in dermatology as well as clinical and translational research.

The new NSC sits on an adjacent plot along Mandalay Road. Opening in 2023, it will carry on the legacy and be a national asset to Singapore. It will continue to pursue excellence in care, teaching and research, working with community partners to bring better care and improve skin health for the population.

See NSC grow from Singapore's first to the world's largest!

WATCH NSC grow from Singapore's first DERMATOLOGICAL INSTITUTION to ONE OF the largest IN THE world!