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HealthCity Novena Discovery Trail

Congratulations! You've found a map to our most treasured heritage finds.

The HealthCity Novena Discovery Trail is an intimate tour of the history and aspirations that define us: a trusty custodian of Novena's rich medical heritage and life partner to the community.

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Experience the discovery trail on foot in HealthCity Novena. This healthcare hub has more than health services to offer – let us bring you on a journey through time to imagine what Novena looked like over the centuries.

Towards better health: by fully walking the two trails, you will clock more than 5,000 steps! Happy exploring!

This is a more weather-friendly route; most of the trail is sheltered. The beautiful old dame (Tuberculosis Control Unit) at the last stop is the highlight of this route!

A good mix of historic and modern buildings. This route will bring you to places that connect the origins of healthcare to the future.