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10 November 2022

TTSH was conferred three awards in the International Hospital Federation (IHF) Awards 2022, presented during the
45th World Hospital Congress.

Silver Winner (Dr Kwang Tae Kim Grand Hospital Award)

International Hospital Federation (IHF) Awards 2022

Amidst the rising challenges associated with an ageing populating and a rapidly shrinking healthcare workforce, TTSH adopted the Hospital Without Walls (HoW) digital transformation strategy to ensure the continued delivery of quality care to patients.

To provide care beyond boundaries and to deliver healthcare solutions anytime, anywhere, digitalisation has been a key enabler for the hospital to reimagine and redesign care with patients and partners. For instance, the Healthcare Intelligence (HI) system has enabled a targeted and coordinated approach in care delivery with TTSH's Community Health Teams and partners in the community.

The digitisation strategy has supported population health and enabled the hospital to forge closer partnerships with community partners.

Gold Winner (American Hospital Association Excellence Award for Healthcare Workers' Wellbeing)

TTSH Staff Well-being Response Team

Healthcare professionals face physical, mental and emotional strain on a daily basis; yet, there are few safety nets and support systems available to most healthcare workers. Knowing the importance and need of caring for healthcare workers in the workplace is what led to the formation of the TTSH Staff Well-being Response Team in 2020. Established in response to the COVID-19 pandemic, the team had the common goal of maintaining morale, instilling well-being and hope, and helping distressed staff cope with the unrelenting stress brought about by the pandemic.

“The specific goals of the Team were to ensure that our staff get through the pandemic while our Hospital got our patients through the pandemic: this was the mission of the hospital.”

– Adj A/Prof Habeebul Rahman, Head (Psychiatry) & Senior Consultant

The team implemented regular sensing mechanisms for staff morale and created innovatively targeted interventions to respond to the physical and mental well-being needs of the staff. Several of the services and interventions introduced over the past two years – which include regular pulse surveys, Welfare Officer programme etc. – have since been adopted in the hospital as best practices to maintain into the future.

Silver Winner (American College of Healthcare Executives Excellence Award for Leadership and Management)

Hospital Without Walls (HoW) – Tan Tock Seng Hospital's Digital Transformation Strategy

Digitalisation is a key enabler for a 'flipped care' model we are striving towards for our population. Healthcare must evolve from a facility-centric to person-centric model; from episodes of care to relationship-based care; from a volume-based model to a value-based care."

– Prof Eugene Fidelis Soh, CEO, TTSH & Central Health

In order to steer the hospital's digital transformation strategy and establish a seamless digital health experience to improve clinical outcomes for patients, a new Digital Transformation Council (DTC) was formed in 2020 to drive the digital transformation strategy and the matrix of Strategic Innovation Programmes (SIPs) and Digital Innovation Technologies (DITs) in TTSH. SIPs integrate innovation projects into a coherent development roadmap and oversee digitalisation projects; while DITs are technology-driven workgroups that develop key technological platforms to support relevant use cases and operations.

Till date, there have been a total of more than 100 digital transformation projects that have been completed or ongoing in TTSH.

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