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What is the purpose of the Diabetes Early Review Clinic?

This clinic is for patients who have Diabetes Mellitus (DM) who require early review.

Things to note:

  • Check your blood glucose regularly as advised.
  • Record your blood glucose readings in your log book.
  • This will be required for subsequent phone consultations and follow-up clinic visits.

Step 1: Inpatient Assessment

Our Diabetes team has assessed that you would benefit from a review at our Diabetes Early Review Clinic as:

  • You have been newly started on insulin OR
  • Changes have been made to your usual insulin dose
  • You have agreed to monitoring of your blood glucose at home and a post-discharge phone call follow-up

Step 2: DNC Phone Call Follow-up

Our Diabetes Nurse Clinician (DNC) will call you for a phone consultation within 1 - 2 weeks of your discharge depending on your condition. You are NOT REQUIRED to come to the clinic for the phone consultation.

Step 3: Diabetes Early Review Clinic

A face-to-face follow-up appointment at the Diabetes Early Review Clinic will be within 4 - 6 weeks from your discharge. This appointment will be held at Clinic B2B, AMK Specialist Centre or Clinic 5A - Integrative Family Physician Clinic (IFPC).

What do I have to prepare?

✓ Blood glucose meter ✓ Blood glucose records/Logbook ✓ Diet Journal

Our Diabetes Early Review Clinic will consist of:

  • DM counselling and education

  • Troubleshooting insulin injection issues

  • Monitoring treatment effectiveness and safety

  • Liaison with and referral to other appropriate healthcare providers

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