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ROSE stands for Recovery of Surgery in the Elderly.

Aims of ROSE Programme:

  • To prepare elderly patients physicall ahead of thei surgery.
  • To improve experience and functional recovery in elderly patients undergoing major surgery.

Surgery demands a lot of physiological reserves from the body. Elderly patients have limited reserves to cope with the surgical stress, and this may result in slower or poorer recovery from their procedures.

Patient screened for frailty and nutrition status in clinic

  • Allows the care team to identify and address risk factors such as malnutrition and anemia

Individualised Prehabilitation program is planned

  • Integrated assessment from Nursing, Nutrition, Physiotherapy, Anaesthesiology and Geriatric Surgical Service to design care plan.

Patient undergoes structured program

  • Structured and sustained exercise programe to improve patient's cardiovascular, respiratory and muscular health.

Post surgery and recovery

  • Review by multidiscplinary team after surgery, aimed at restoring patient's function and enabling them to return to normal daily life.

Rehabilitation and re-assessment of interventions

  • Nutrition and Physiotherapy review 30 days after surgery to assess patient's recovery progress.

You will have the following appointments before your surgery:

  • ROSE Physiotherapy @ Clinic B1C
    • Tel: 68894785
    • A series of exercise classes tailored for elderly patients
  • ROSE Assessments @ PACE Clinic, Basement 2
    • Tel: 63572244
    • Anaesthesia, Case Manager counselling, Financial counselling, Geriatric Surgical Service and Nutrition

The 5 assessments fall on the same appointment date and may take 3 hours or more to be completed.

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