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What is the Driving Assessment and Rehabilitation Programme (DARP)? 

The Driving Assessment and Rehabilitation Program (DARP) at Tan Tock Seng Hospital aims to assist clients with medical conditions to learn or return to driving.  The DARP therapist specialises in assessing a client’s ability to return to driving safely and legally, based on the Medical Guidelines on Fitness to Drive (Singapore Medical Association, 2011) and the requirements of Traffic Police (Road Traffic Act).

Who is DARP for?

  • Clients with a valid driving licence prior to their medical condition and would like to return to driving.
  • Clients with medical conditions but no previous driving licence and would like to learn to drive. The DARP therapist will advise on the driving licence application process and introduce suitable vehicle modifications to suit the clients’ needs.

Who can Benefit From DARP?

  • Clients with physical conditions such as limb weakness and disability, amputation, spinal cord injury and progressive neurological conditions.
  • Clients with cognitive impairments from brain injury, dementia and stroke.
  • Clients with congenital and childhood illnesses such as cerebral palsy and polio.

How does the DARP Work? 

To start with DARP, a client has to be first referred by a registered doctor.

DARP clients go through a structured process to ensure their safety on the road and that of other road users. The following lists the key milestones of the DARP process:

  1. Off Road Assessment:  The client will be interviewed on their medical condition(s) and driving experience.  The client’s physical, cognitive and visual abilities required for driving will be assessed.
  2. On Road Assessment:  This will be conducted by the DARP therapist with a certified driving instructor. On Road Assessment for Class 2, 3, 4 and 5 vehicles are available.
  3. DARP Report:  Upon completion of the above two assessment types, a detailed report will be sent to the client, physician and other relevant organisations (if applicable) to advise on the client’s ability to return/learn to drive.
  4. Follow-up: If there is a need for driving lessons or re-assessment, the DARP therapist will follow-up accordingly.

Other Driving Assessment Services Provided by Occupational Therapists 

  1. Driving Transition Programme
    • To help drivers and their family plan and adapt to the changes brought about by driving cessation.

To make an appointment or for further enquiries: 

Please contact the Occupational Therapy Department:
Tel: 68894848
Fax: 68894856

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