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​Good management of occupational health and work-related conditions is important to ensure that your employees continue to work in a safe environment, and that their welfare and well-being are being looked after.

Tan Tock Seng Hospital's Occupational Health Services offers a comprehensive range of occupational health solutions for various industries, using the best models that suit their needs and requirements. Our Designated Workplace Doctors (DWDs) work alongside other professionals and partners in Health and Safety as a multi-disciplinary team to ensure seamless and coordinated care that supports your workplace needs.

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Lis​t of services

​We offer pre-employment, pre-placement and post-retirement medical examinations customised for your company to ensure the employees are in the pink of health to perform their assigned duties safely, without risk to themselves or others.

The medical examinations will include a detailed clinical discussion, physical examination and relevant laboratory investigations based on your industry, nature of work and individual's employees' profiles.

​When an employee has difficulties in performing his job tasks, or when he is returning to work after a period of sickness absence, employers are recommended to provide a Fitness for Work / Fitness to Return to Work Assessment to determine the employee's suitability for work.

TTSH has partnered with Ministry Of Manpower to roll out a Return to Work (RTW) Programme* to help workers who have suffered work injuries return to work safely and maintain long-term employability, through the collaborative efforts of a multi-disciplinary healthcare team.

Suitable employees may be enrolled into the programme**. This programme helps the employers to reintegrate injured employees into the workforce and source for solutions to optimise an employee's work ability. We will provide advice on job re-design and work modifications as needed to allow employees to work as part of their rehabilitation and recovery process.

*The RTW Programme may be claimed through Work Injury Compensation Act (WICA), employee benefits or RTW grant (only for Small and Medium Enterprises).

**Singapore Citizens, Permanent Residents and Work Pass holders can take part in the RTW programme.

​Our Designated Workplace Doctors (DWDs) also conduct pre-placement and periodic medical examinations for person employed in hazardous occupation under the Workplace Safety and Health (Medical Examinations) Regulations.

These examinations ensure that workers are medically fit to work with specific health hazards, detect early occupational diseases and prevent them from developing these diseases.

Statutory medical examination is available for hazardous occupation involving exposure to the following hazards:

  • Arsenic and its compounds
  • Asbestos
  • Benzene
  • Cadmium and its compounds
  • Creosote
  • Work in a compressed air environment
  • Raw cotton
  • Excessive noise
  • Lead and its compounds
  • Manganese and its compounds
  • Mercury and its compounds
  • Organophosphates
  • Perchloroethylene (PCE)
  • Free Silica
  • Tar, Pitch and Bitumen
  • Trichloroethylene (TCE)
  • Vinyl chloride monomer

​We strive to help organisations and companies promote health and safety and educate their employees on their health and performance, health tips and knowledge.

We organise talks and workshops which cover various health topics, including general health concerns such as chronic disease prevention and healthy lifestyle promotion, and occupational health topics such as office ergonomics and back pain management. We can also customise the talks and workshops to suit your organisation's needs and demographic profile of your participants.

​We can help workplaces establish occupational vaccination programmes for employees who are at increased risk of some vaccine-preventable diseases.

Our programme includes helping to set up a policy/procedure on vaccination for prevention of infectious diseases, evaluating necessary vaccinations for high risk personnel/workplaces, providing information about the diseases and vaccines, and vaccinating your employees.

Occupations that should consider the need for vaccination, including but not limited to:

  • Healthcare workers who have contact with patients or work in clinical areas of hospitals
  • Laboratory personnel who work with or handle pathogens
  • Employees who work in childcare education and care centres
  • Emergency and essential service workers such as armed forces personnel, immigration officers, prison officers and police
  • Animal handlers or veterinary workers

The necessary vaccinations will be carried out at Traveller's Health and Vaccination Clinic.

​We can help companies and industries with specific advice on:

  • Development of occupational health policies and programmes
  • Compliance with legislation issues for workplace safety and health
  • Monitoring and surveillance of workplace hazards
  • Hearing conversation programme
  • Respiratory protection programme
  • Ergonomics programme
  • Mental Health programme

​We can assess and examine employees to determine their health status and perform any relevant follow-up for medical conditions sustained during work as warranted. Examples include infectious disease exposure, staff abuse, musculoskeletal problems, or work-related skin or lung diseases.

This may take the form of interviews, clinical consultations, and clinical investigations, and possibly work site visits as needed. Appropriate preventive measures will be advised if required to ensure that the individual is fit to resume his or her normal duties and that there is no further risk to the worker or other staff.


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