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First Aid on the Go

Wrist and hip fractures are common consequences of a fall and it is important to know its signs and symptoms to identify a wrist or hip fracture. Bleeding injuries can also occur due to accidents at home or outdoors.

Here are also tips on what you can do with and without a first aid kit if you see someone who may have a wrist or hip fracture, or suffering from bleeding injuries.

Strop The Bleed

Did you know that traumatic injuries come in various forms of presentation and severity?

While we hope to prevent and avoid them altogether, what do we do when we encounter them? The TTSH Trauma Services Team, in collaboration with The Central Region Trauma Services, has put together a new “First Aid on the Go” video series to share basic first aid tips that may come in handy to help someone, while we await professional help.



In this video, we learn about falls – the leading cause of traumatic injuries in Singapore and common cause of household injuries.


Common Injuries in A Vehicular Accident

What are the 4 common types of injuries commonly experienced in a vehicular accident? What can you do in this traumatic scenario?




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