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Oral Health

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​​Why is Dental Care Important?

In Singapore, a recent survey conducted had stated that more than 80% of the population showed some signs of gingivitis (mild gum disease)1.

Plaque and Tartar

  • Dental plaque is a soft, sticky film made up of bacteria, saliva and food debris that forms on our teeth.

  • Bacteria converts sugar and carbohydrates in food particles into acids.

  • Tartar will form if left untreated.

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Gum (Periodontal) Disease

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Symptoms of Gum Disease

  • Gums that bleed easily
  • Reddened gums
  • Bad breath
  • Swollen, puffy gums
  • Receding gums
  • Longer-looking teeth
  • Change in fit of partial dentures
  • Spaces between teeth
  • Loose teeth


  • Reduce sugary foods and drinks intake
  • Increase plain water intake
  • Brush your teeth twice a day and floss daily
    - For dentures, wash it often after meals and avoid wearing it to sleep
  • Eat a balanced diet and limit snacking between meals
  • Have routine dental check-up once every 6 months
  • Avoid smoking

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