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Perineal Care for Bed Bound Male

Why is Perineal Care Important?
Performing perineal care is important as it helps maintain the comfort of your love ones especially those with incontinence problem.

It also prevents the breakdown of skin over the perineal region, itchiness, odor and infection.

What do You Need When Performing Perineal Care?
1. Non sterile gloves
2. Protective sheet
3. Waste bag
4. Wipes

How do You Perform Perineal Care?
1. Perform hand washing
2. Prepare wipes
3. Prepare patient
-Lie patient flat on bed with legs bend and spread apart
-Cover the perineum and expose area when ready
-Place a waterproof pad under buttocks to protect the person and bedsheet
4. Put on gloves
5. Retract foreskin. Clean the penis tip in a circular motion toward the shaft. Always use a clean surface of wipe to clean.
6. Check for stain on wipe and repeat Step 5 until the area is clean.
7. Return foreskin to natural position
8. Clean rectal area
-Turn the patient to the side
-Clean from scrotum to anus with one stroke
-Repeat step 6 if necessary

What are the Dos and Don’ts of Perineal Care?
-Change diapers at least every 4 hours
-Check the wipes for any stains
-Repeat cleaning until there is no stain observed

-Apply power to the perineum area
-Clean from the penis shaft to tip
-Use the same surface of the wipe to clean
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