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It is difficult to predict what the future would be. However, you can prepare by letting your loved ones know about your care preferences, and what matters to you most. This will make it easier for them to make healthcare decisions for you in the future.

The Advance Care Planning (ACP) process guides physicians, patients and their loved ones in making decisions based on the patient's values, beliefs, wishes and personal goals of care.

The benefits of having the ACP conversation includes:

Benefit to the Patient
  • Have peace of mind knowing that in the event that you lose your mental capacity, your care preferences and wishes would be heard and honoured. 
  • Your quality of life and care would be recorded, taken note of and likely to improve with time. ​
Benefit to the Family ​
  • When an individual completes his/her ACP and makes his/her preferences known, it will lessen the burden and stress of decision- making placed on family members and loved one. ​
Benefit to the Clinicians
  • When an individual talks about and documents his/her care preferences, this allows clinicians to make better clinical decisions and judgements with the intent to honour the patient's preferences. ​

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