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Core Competencies in Managing Adult Patients Post Common Upper Limb Orthopaedic Surgeries


Based on recent research findings and guided by clinical reasoning, this workshop will follow the patient's care continuum from acute to later rehabilitation stages for post common lower limb orthopaedic surgeries such as total knee replacements, hip arthroplasty and ankle and foot surgeries.

Registration fees to be confirmed.

Date / Time
24 to 25 January 2025
2 days

The workshop aims to equip participants with essential and updated knowledge, boost participants' confidence in conducting objective assessments, and subsequently choosing suitable exercise therapy progressions for patients throughout the care continuum. This is a streamlined workshop that is suitable for busy clinicians in clinical settings.

At the end of the course, participants should be able to:

  1. Understand the surgical management of common upper limb orthopaedic injuries and its implications for patients' recovery and rehabilitation from orthopaedic surgeon's perspective.
  2. Develop assessment skills and clinical reasoning skills for the management and progression of patients with post common upper limb orthopaedic surgeries throughout their care continuum.
  3. Select evidence-based exercise interventions and prescribe the appropriate exercises for patients with common upper limb orthopaedic surgeries.
  4. Progress and modify the exercises while moving towards returning to work, sports and physical activities.
  5. Integrate clinical knowledge into practical skills through case scenario discussions.
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