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World Voice Day 2022 - Lift Your Voice


This year's theme of "Lift Your Voice" calls for everyone to take back their vocal presence with a good quality voice that represents all and improves communication.

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Date / Time
9 April 2022 / 9.00 am to 11.00 am
2 hours
via Zoom


Common Causes of Hoarseness - When Should I Worry?
by Dr Chew Hui Sing, Consultant

Do you experience issues with your voice and wonder what is wrong or when you should seek help? Learn more about the common causes of hoarseness and when to worry, with our ENT Consultant Laryngologist, Dr Chew Hui Sing.

Talking So Tiring!
by Dr Paul Mok, Visiting Consultant

"It is so frustrating when talking makes me exhausted." Dr Paul Mok, a Visiting Consultant to the Voice Clinic at TTSH explains how muscle tension in our voice box can create discomfort and change in our voice.

Common Misconceptions of Voice Care and Use
by Ms Francoise Lim, Principal Speech Therapist

Do you take a lozenge every time your voice gets hoarse? Find out why doing this may cause more harm than help your voice, with our Speech Therapist Francoise Lim, as she addresses some common misconceptions of vocal care and use.

Vocal Hygiene - What is it and How We Can Care for the Voice We Need
by Ms Olga Chew, Senior Speech Therapist and Ms Boey Ying, Speech Therapist

Have you ever wondered what you can do to prevent your voice from feeling tired? Join Speech Therapists Olga Chew and Boey Ying on this segment to find out more about how one can care for the human voice with simple lifestyle changes and some vocal "stretches".

Speak up! What singing can teach you about projection.
By Akiko Otao, Award Winning Opera Singer

Do you have an important presentation to give, but you are not confident in how to send your voice to the back of the room? Let singing exercises help to create a healthy, clear, supported sound.

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