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image of Dr. Chew  Hui Sing

Dr Chew Hui Sing is an accredited Ear, Nose, Throat (ENT) specialist in Singapore. She manages patients with general ENT conditions such as nasal allergies and sinus conditions, hearing loss, ear wax and infections, giddiness, snoring and diseases of the thyroid and salivary glands. Her main subspecialty interest is in laryngology (Disorders of voice and swallowing). Dr Chew helms the multidisciplinary voice clinic service in TTSH with a group of dedicated speech therapists.

Dr Chew obtained her medical graduate degree (MBBS) from National University of Singapore. Following which, she underwent and completed her speciality training in Otorhinolaryngology (ENT) under the National Healthcare Group residency programme in Singapore. Dr Chew obtained her post-graduate surgery degree (MRCS) from the Royal College of Surgeons Edinburgh and her Masters of Medicine in Otorhinolaryngology ( MMED ORL) in Singapore. Dr Chew is also recognised as a Fellow of the Academy of Medicine, Singapore.

Besides clinical work, Dr Chew constantly thrive to improve the quality of care for patients. Dr Chew is a member of the various hospital quality improvement committees- such as the Coordinating Advisory Care Team, Patient Information Sheet committee and Surgical Science Training Centre. Dr Chew also constantly upgrades and keeps her skills and knowledge current through involvement in international conferences/ courses and attachments with world renowned laryngologists such as Prof Peak Woo from Mount Sinai, New York and Prof Fang TuanJen from Chung Gang Memorial Hospital, Taiwan.

On the research front, Dr Chew has published original research articles in several peer reviewed journals. She is also a successful research grant recipient and the inventor of Aerodrop Duo- An innovative protective dual function scope mask and filtration system for aerosol generating scope procedures to reduce risks of disease transmission.

Dr Chew believes in the education and training of the next generation of doctors. She imparts her knowledge and skills by providing training to the medical students and ENT specialist trainees. Dr Chew is also a Clinical Lecturer for National University of Singapore medical school and Clinical Teacher/ Content Expert for the Lee Kong Chian NTU medical school.

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