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Healthcare Management Associate Programme (HMAP)

HMAP is a 2-year programme aimed at grooming graduates with outstanding leadership qualities for a challenging and fulfilling career ahead in the National Healthcare Group.

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Programme Outline



The 1-month orientation is designed to expose our MAs to Singapore’s public healthcare landscape and prepare our MAs to take on various functions and leadership roles within NHG. MAs will take part in an array of exclusive activities, including cross-institutional sharing sessions, learning and networking opportunities with NHG leaders and senior MAs.

Cross-functional Rotations

Our MAs will be exposed to a wide spectrum of healthcare operations through three different rotations, each spanning a period of 7 to 8 months. This gives them a holistic understanding of the various functions within this industry and the opportunities to hone transferable skill sets, enabling them to build a meaningful career in healthcare. The functional groups include but are not limited to the following:

Patient Operations

MAs can expect themselves to be involved in projects directly impacting our patients’ experiences. These include departments such as Clinic Operations, Allied Health Services and Pharmacy.

Support Operations & Services

MAs will have the opportunity to support the complex backend operations of the healthcare systems. These include departments like Emergency Planning, Resource Management and Facilities Development Office.

Corporate and Strategic Planning

MAs will be exposed to healthcare administration and planning from a macro perspective, driving change at the system level. These include departments like Population Health, Organisational Development, Planning and Development.

Graduation from Programme

After 2 years, MAs will graduate from the programme and take on full-time positions in the respective institutions to further specialise their skill sets and build their healthcare careers. In addition, MAs will have the opportunity to continue their leadership development journey through various opportunities in their respective NHG institutions.


Monthly Club Sessions

Monthly MA club sessions are held for MAs to learn from invited speakers on a diverse range of topics, as well as to engage in cross-institutional learning about each other's job rotation.


Engagement with Senior Management

MAs will be given opportunities to engage Senior Management, learn from their experiences and connect with them in an informal setting, such as through coffee chats.

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Coaching and Mentorship

Each MA will be assigned a coach or a mentor to guide them throughout the duration of the programme. Coaches and mentors provide an alternative perspective for MAs to nurture them in their professional development journey.


​Developmental ​/ Special Projects

In addition to individual departmental work, MAs will embark on a series of intra- and cross-institutional projects where they will be challenged to learn beyond their departmental work and become better leaders.



MAs are provided with learning resources in the form of developmental workshops to strengthen their business and technical skill sets such as project management skills.


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  • Good honours degree from any discipline
  • Excellent CCA Track Record
  • Fresh graduates, and graduates with less than 2 years of working experience​

We are looking for individuals who are humble and have an insatiable hunger to learn. If you are analytical, with a creative penchant for problem solving and possess excellent communication skills, join us to make a difference to the public healthcare industry today!


​Applications for the 2024 intake will be open from 1 December 2023 to 1 March 2024.


  • Only completed applications will be accepted.
  • Please allow yourself approximately 30 minutes to complete the form.

Do I require a science background or healthcare experience to join the healthcare industry?

All graduates from any discipline are welcome to apply to HMAP. Our MAs come from a diverse range of educational backgrounds encompassing the Social Sciences, Business, Engineering, and many others. Check out the section “Hear From Our MAs” to find out more!

Which departments can I rotate into?

MAs will be able to rotate both within and across institutions. Rotations depend on several factors, and there are 2 main considerations to ensure our MAs are developed holistically while meeting the needs of the institution's operations:

  1. MA’s strengths, area of development and career goals
  2. Department’s manpower requirements

Check out the section “Programme Outline” for more details on the various departments!

What can I expect after graduating from the HMAP?

After 2 years, MAs will graduate from the programme and take on full-time positions in the respective institutions to further specialise their skill sets and build their healthcare careers. In addition, MAs will have the opportunity to continue their leadership development journey through the various opportunities across NHG institutions. Within each institution, staff are supported by a People Development team that works with the various departments to continue developing their potential. Across NHG institutions, there are also scholarships and sponsorships available for further studies.

Can I choose which NHG institution to join?

Yes, you will be asked to indicate 3 institutions that you are most keen to join at application. Please consider your choice of institution carefully as it determines your future home institution. The final decision is subject to further internal assessment of the candidate by the respective institutions, taking into account the candidate’s choice as well.



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