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Enrolled Nurses (EN) and Registered Nurses (RN) work hand in hand in the care delivery process.

The EN would perform care  with direction and guidance from the RN, to achieve the desired outcome. They also actively participate in quality improvement and research activities for quality enhancement and clinical excellence.

​Registered Nurse (RN): The RN will assess, plan, implement and evaluate care for patients under their care. With their competencies and knowledge, they perform and follow up with prescribed treatments and procedures to meet the patients' physical and emotional needs. They collaborate and cooperate with other healthcare professionals for a smooth delivery of care and services.

Enrolled Nurse (EN): The EN will assist the RN in the care delivery process. They plan and coordinate basic nursing care independently, and assist the RN and other healthcare professionals in the procedure, treatment and examination of the patient. They also provide related caregiver training so that patient receives appropriate care after discharge.

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