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4 November 2022

TTSH has received the Best Practice Medal (Workplace Transformation) in the 2022 National Healthcare Innovation and Productivity (NHIP) medals.


The Clinical Diabetics Educator Programme: A Novel Transdisciplinary Model for Diabetes Care

Best Practice Medal (Workforce Transformation)

The Clinical Diabetes Educator (CDE) Programme was conceptualised to reduce the care fragmentation faced by patients with diabetes as they are thrust into a complex system of care delivered by a large team of healthcare professionals i.e. doctors, nurse clinicians, pharmacists, dietitians etc. The central idea behind the CDE Programme was to systematically cross-train and elevate the capabilities of the diabetes Allied Health Professional (AHP) workforce. By upskilling the AHP workforce into CDEs, they become the diabetes subject matter experts – taking on elements of a diabetes nurse clinician’s, pharmacist’s, dietitian’s and podiatrist’s work in a single sitting. The CDE would also act as a physician-extender, leading a diabetes clinic consult and proposing management changes under physician supervision.

The programme has improved the value of diabetes care by increasing patient’s satisfaction, reducing the number of visits to hospital at a greater compliance to consultations. There is also greater satisfaction in CDEs in providing holistic care to patients.”

- A/Prof Daniel Chew, ACMB (Medical Manpower Development) & Senior Consultant, Endocrinology

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