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Professor Lucy Wan Outstanding Pharmacist Award

Ms Law Hwa Lin
Education Assistant Director & Senior Principal Pharmacist (Specialist), Pharmacy

Hwa Lin was crucial in setting up and managing the NCID Pharmacy. Her guidance ensured a seamless transition from the Communicable Disease Centre (CDC) and equipped the team to navigate challenges during the COVID-19 pandemic. Her tireless efforts in managing manpower, coaching new staff, and prioritising mental welfare have been essential in delivering exceptional patient care.

Amid the pandemic, Hwa Lin's strategic thinking led to innovative solutions like implementing Smart shelves at NCID Outpatient Pharmacy. Her involvement in the National COVID-19 Therapeutic Workgroup and managing various outbreaks showcases her commitment to safe, effective patient care.

Hwa Lin's dedication to continuous learning led her to achieve the National Collaborative Prescribing Certification, enabling her to establish services like a pharmacist-run travel clinic and an HIV chronic disease medication clinic – pioneering initiatives in Singapore's pharmacy landscape.

As an Assistant Education Director for TTSH Pharmacy, Hwa Lin's contributions to designing training programs and guiding aspiring pharmacists are commendable. Her involvement in curriculum redesign and interprofessional collaboration with medical students highlights her dedication to shaping the future of pharmacy education.


Johnson & Johnson Hospital Pharmacist of the Year Award

Ms Lim Wan Peng
Principal Pharmac​ist (Clinical), Pharmacy

Wan Peng was pivotal in implementing the EPIC/NGEMR system and harmonising medication-related workflows with medical and nursing colleagues. Over the years, she has paved the way for initiatives such as 24-hour medication verification by pharmacists and hospital deprescribing guidelines. She has also provided oversight and management of resources to enable the growth and development of various specialised pharmacy services in inpatient and ambulatory settings.

Her dedication to education and mentorship is evident through her years in nurturing pre-registration pharmacists and facilitating inter-professional training. Her involvement in the Doctor of Pharmacy programme and the National Pharmacy Residency Programme reflects her commitment to developing aspiring pharmacists keen to attain greater heights in clinical pharmacy.

Wan Peng's leadership style, marked by dedication and thoughtfulness, has fostered a positive work culture. As a role model and advocate for staff welfare, Wan Peng's actions truly embody the spirit of leadership that inspires those around her.

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