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Since our founding in 1844, TTSH has had roots firmly planted in the community. It remains a people's hospital where care is not only centred within the hospital, but beyond its walls, following our patients and residents to their homes.

The Central zone is the largest with 1.4 million residents, of which 18% are over 65 years. This contrasts with the 14% nationally. As such, it is important that our healthcare programmes are relevant to a more elderly population residing in Central Singapore.

Aligned with Singapore's shift beyond the Hospital to the Community, In February 2019, a formalised alliance (Central Health) of community partners in the central zone was formed to address the needs of this population.

Partnerships are what makes Central Health work. The Central Health integrated care model sees more than 80 health and social care partners joining up care closer to residents across seven subzones in Central Singapore.

Many residents need support across both health and social aspects, which were often handled separately by different organisations. Together, however, we enable teams to co-develop care plans, programmes and systems to meet the unique needs of each neighbourhood.

As a network of partners, Central Health seeks to build Healthier and Happier Communities, where everyone is supported to live and age well in their own neighbourhoods and homes.

Click through to see how you, your neighbours, or your organisation can be part of our communities of care.


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