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​​To improve current clinical practice and meet future population needs, the CRIO Clinical Innovation team works with different stakeholders in six focus areas:

  1. Active ageing, self-care and rehabilitation
  2. Treatment and interventions
  3. Workforce and productivity
  4. Population health
  5. Dermatology
  6. Mental health

Our Facilitation Process

1. Inspiration

Needs understanding (Flow of ideas)

Understand clinician / patient needs / wish list

  • Gain understanding of paint points of current process / practice

Background research

  • Clinician needs and problems
  • Market potential
  • Possible solutions

Partner search (Technology capabilities)

Pre-qualify right fit partners

Technology and industry assessment:

  • ensure alignment with partners

2. Ideation

Conceptualisation (Align goals, project objecties and deiverables)

  • Clinician meetings with industry partners; brainstorm solutions

3. Implementation

Partnership formation

Define collaboration model

  • Discussions on win win collaboration models
  • Assess project funding scope for SMEs (including other agencies)

Project launch

Further ideation: prototype / proof of concept

  • Explore more options, refine ideas
  • Proceed to prototyping, proof of concept

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