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​​​​IREx R​esearch track aims to:

  1. Foster and develop interdisciplinary collaborative clinical research and innovation.
  2. ​Drive imp​lementation and clinical integration of new care models with rehabilitation technology.
  3. Collaborate widely with fellow rehabilitation clinicians, academic health partners, scientists​, and industry partners.
  4. Nurture and groom aspiring rehabil​itation researchers.​

​​​Ar​e​​as of interests


    & Neuroscience


    Healthy Ageing
    & Sar​copenia


    Musculoskeletal &
    Trauma Rehabilitation


    Disability & Rehab

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<br/><strong>Targeting Osteosarcopenia and mulTimorbidity for frailty prevention through Identification and deep phenotyping Methods in healthy Aging and high-burden disease Cohorts (OPTIMA-C)</strong><br><br>PRINCIPAL/CO-INVESTIGATORS: Dr Karen Chua, A/Prof Lim Wee Shiong, A/Prof Lee Eng Sing<br/>COLLABORATORS: IGA, TTSH Orthopaedics, NHGP, RRIS-NTU, LKCMedicine-NTU
<br/><strong>CHISEL PRESAGE: A Fall Prediction System in Older Adults</strong><br><br>PRINCIPAL/CO-INVESTIGATORS: Dr Joyce Yap, Dr Ong Poo Lee, Dr Shauntel (KTPH), Dr Adriel (KTPH)<br/>COLLABORATORS: KTPH, CoNEX
<br/><strong>Soft Pressure sensor Actuator Strain Measuring (SPASM) device for precise measurement of spasticity</strong><br><br>PRINCIPAL/CO-INVESTIGATORS: Dr Kong Keng He, Tay Lei Shan<br/>COLLABORATORS: NTU
<br/><strong>FHT Deep Phenotyping: Deep phenotyping of sensorimotor recovery of post stroke upper limb recovery with connected technology aided outpatient gym</strong><br><br>PRINCIPAL/CO-INVESTIGATORS: Dr Karen Chua, Chrispopher Kuah, Tegan Plunkett, Ng Chwee Yin<br/>COLLABORATORS: Articares, ETH Zurich<br/>NCT No.: NCT05322837
<br/><strong>RESToration Of Rehabilitaive function with Epidural spinal Stimulation (RESTORES) Trial</strong><br/>PRINCIPAL/CO-INVESTIGATORS: Dr Wan Jai Rui, Dr Valerie Ng, Dr Lui Wen Li, Dr Wee Seng Kwee
<br/><strong>Multimodal EEG and NIRS-based BCI with Assistive Soft Robotics for Stroke (MBCI-SR)​</strong><br><br>PRINCIPAL/CO-INVESTIGATORS: Dr Chloe Chung, Dr Ang Kai Keng, Dr Ong Poo Lee, Mr Isaac Okumura​, Ms Charmaine Leow​<br/>COLLABORATORS: NTU, A*STAR
<br/><strong>RIE 2020 AME (ASTAR) Programmatic Fund award for Next-Generation Brain-computer Brain Platform - A holistic solution for the restoration & enhancement of brain functions.</strong><br/>PRINCIPAL/CO-INVESTIGATORS: Dr Karen Chua, Dr Wee Seng Kwee, Prof Guan Cun Tai, Dr Neethu Robinson, Dr Gladys Heng, Prof Helen Zhou Juan, Dr Liu Si Wei<br/>COLLABORATORS: NUS, NTU
<br/><strong>Robotics Assisted Telerehabilitation at Home: A Solution for Clinical Adoption (CHISEL-NHIC)</strong><br/>PRINCIPAL/CO-INVESTIGATORS: Dr Ong Poo Lee, Dr Karen Chua, Ng Chwee Yin, Tegan Plunkett, Christopher Kuah<br/>COLLABORATORS: Articares<br/>NCT No.: NCT05212181

Year Title IREx Researchers
2023 Changing Epidemiology and Functional Outcomes of Inpatient Rehabilitation in Asian Traumatic Brain Injury Cases before and during the COVID-19 Pandemic: A Retrospective Cohort Study Chua Sui Geok Karen, Teo Wee Shen, Cao Ruo Xi, Rathi Ratha Krishnan
2023 Characteristics, and Functional Impact of Unplanned Acute Care Unit Readmissions during Inpatient Traumatic Brain Injury Rehabilitation: A Retrospective Cohort Study Ong Poo Lee, Anna Rosiana, Chua Sui Geok Karen
2023 Inpatient Rehabilitation Outcomes after Primary Severe Haemorrhagic Stroke: A Retrospective Study Comparing Surgical versus Non-Surgical Management Ong Poo Lee, Justin Seah Desheng, Chua Sui Geok Karen
2023 Rehabilitation of Older Asian Traumatic Brain Injury Inpatients: A Retrospective Study Comparing Functional Independence between Age Groups Rathi Ratha Krishnan, Teo Wee Shen, Chua Sui Geok Karen
2023 Upper limb position matching after stroke: evidence for bilateral asymmetry in precision but not in accuracy Chua Sui Geok Karen
2023 Upper Limb Sensorimotor Recovery in Asian Stroke Survivors: A Study Protocol for the Development and implementation of a Technology-Assisted dIgitaL biOmaRker (TAILOR) Platform Chin Lay Fong, Christopher Kuah Wee Keong, Wee Seng Kwee, Chua Sui Geok Karen
2023 Oxygen Therapy During Activities of Daily Living Rehabilitation and Outcome in Patients with Severe-to-critical COVID-19 Tham Shuen-Loong, Tan Koh Kuan Cheryl, Lin Na-ling, Seng Wai Peng Alfred
2023 Are stroke survivors ready to talk about ACP? A cross-sectional study of stroke patients in a rehabilitation centre in Singapore Serene Tan Leong Hwee, Anna Rosiana, Chua Lee Yang Llewelyn Tan Yi Chang, Kong Keng He
2023 Versatile clinical movement analysis using statistical parametric mapping in MovementRx. Chua Sui Geok Karen
2023 Mobile Robotic Balance Assistant (MRBA): a gait assistive and fall intervention robot for daily living Chua Sui Geok Karen, Wee Seng Kwee, Christopher Kuah Wee Keong, Zhuo Hui Ting
2022 Palliative rehabilitation in end-stage renal failure Seng Wai Peng Alfred, Tham Shuen-Loong
2022 Continuity of Care Advocate Model (CCAM): Healthcare Workers’ Perspectives on Quality Stroke Care at an Acute Unit, Rehabilitation Center and Community Rehabilitation Program in Singapore Serene Tan Leong Hwee
2022 Current clinical practice in managing somatosensory impairments and the use of technology in stroke rehabilitation Christopher Kuah Wee Keong
2022 Long-Term Outcomes of Patients with Primary Brain Tumors after Acute Rehabilitation: A Retrospective Analyses of Factors Matthew Tay, Justin Seah Desheng, Chua Sui Geok Karen
2022 The Impact of Stroke Subtype on Recovery and Functional Outcome after Inpatient Rehabilitation: A Retrospective Analysis of Factors Rathi Ratha Krishnan, Chua Sui Geok Karen
2022 Acute ultrasonographic changes in lower extremity muscle structure after motor complete spinal cord injury Matthew Tay
2022 Autonomous modeling of repetitive movement for rehabilitation exercise monitoring Christopher Kuah Wee Keong
2022 Rehabilitation course and functional outcome of acute disseminated encephalomyelitis related to SA Yen Jia Min, Matthew Tay, Chua Sui Geok Karen
2022 Ultrasound Assessment of Changes in Muscle Architecture of the Brachialis Muscle After Stroke - A Prospective Study Kong Keng He, Tham Shuen Loong, Matthew Tay, Lui Wen Li, Deshan Kumar Rejeswaran, Kim Jongmoon
2022 Ultrasound Measurements of Rectus Femoris and Locomotor Outcomes in Patients with Spinal Cord Injury Matthew Tay, Kong Keng He
2022 Identification of Secondary Biomechanical Abnormalities in the Lower Limb Joints after Chronic Transtibial Amputation: A proof of concept study using SPM1D analysis Chua Sui Geok Karen, Matthew Tay, Ong Poo Lee, Tsurayaki Murakami, Tabitha Quake, Trevor Binedell, Wee Seng Kwee, Phua Min Wee
2022 Soft, lightweight wearable robots to support the upper limb in activities of daily living: A feasibility study on chronic stroke patients Ng Chwee Yin, Christopher Kuah Wee Keong, Wee Seng Kwee, Chua Sui Geok Karen
2022 Longitudinal analysis of the recovery of trunk control and upper extremity following stroke: An individual growth curve approach Wee Seng Kwee
2022 A self-directed upper limb program during early post-stroke rehabilitation: A qualitative study of the perspective of nurses, therapists and stroke survivors Chin Lay Fong
2022 Scalp EEG-Based Pain Detection Using Convolutional Neural Network Tjan Soon Yin

Research studyAwarding Agency
Deep Phenotyping of upper limb sensorimotor recovery in Asian stroke survivors: Concept, development and implementation of a rehabilomics-driven technology-assisted data platform.ETH Singapore SEC Ltd. (SEC) – Future Health Technologies (FHT)
RESTORES Trial: RESToration of Rehablilitative function with Epidural Spinal stimulation (RESTORES)Ng Teng Fong Healthcare Innovation Programme (Innovation Track – Cat 2 Clinical Research
Longitudinal multimodal profiling of balance and gait in stroke using EEG and lower limb sensors: A feasibility studyRIE2020 Advanced Manufacturing and Engineering (AME) Programmatic Fund for Next-Generation Brain-computer Brain Platform - A holistic solution for the restoration & enhancement of brain functions.
Brain Computer Interface (BCI) integrated wearable hand robotic glove system for upper limb stroke rehabilitation: A 3-arm randomized controlled trialRIE2020 Advanced Manufacturing and Engineering (AME) Programmatic Fund for Next-Generation Brain-computer Brain Platform - A holistic solution for the restoration & enhancement of brain functions.
A pilot study to assess the feasibility and effectiveness of a home-based exercise programme to improve lower extremity strength and ambulation status in chronic stroke survivorsClinician-Scientist Preparatory Programme (CSPP)
Targeting osteosarcopenia and multimorbidity for frailty prevention through identification and deep phenotyping methods in healthy aging and high-burden disease cohorts (OPTIMA-C)NHG Translational Research Programme Funding 
SPASM (Soft Presure Sensor Actuator Strain Measuring Device) for precise measurement of spasticityRehabilitation Research Institute of Singapore (RRIS)
Guiding best practice clinical care with in-silico rehabilitation and statistical parametric mappingRehabilitation Research Institute of Singapore (RRIS)
Combining wearable inertial sensors and pressure mapping insoles for effective gait training in trans tibial and trans femoral usersRehabilitation Research Institute of Singapore (RRIS)​

Nam​​eResearch Areas Focus/Interests​
Binedell, TrevorProsthetics and Orthotics, 3D Printing and Digital Technology, Design
Chin, Lay FongNeurorehabilitation, Upper Limb Stroke Rehabilitation
Chua, Karen Sui GeokNeurorehabilitation-Related Research; Assistive Technology; Tele-rehabilitation; Virtual Reality
Chung, ChloeParkinson’s Disease, Technology-enabled Healthcare, Non-invasive Brain Stimulation
Kong, Keng HeNeurorehabilitation, Acupuncture, and its integration with Western Medicine 
Loh, Yong JooNeurorehabilitation Technologies, Serious Gaming in Healthcare
Neoh, Ashton Eng ChuanRehabilitation, Orthopedic and Musculoskeletal, Digital Health Apps & Telehealth, Innovation
Ong, Poo LeeAmputee Rehabilitation, Trauma Rehabilitation, Robotics and Assistive technology in rehabilitation
Tay, Matthew Rong JieMusculoskeletal rehabilitation, Musculoskeletal ultrasound, Cancer rehabilitation, Rehabilitation Innovation
Wee, Seng KweeNeurorehabilitation, Vestibular Rehabilitation, Rehabilitation Technology - Robotics, Virtual Reality, Brain-Computer Interface, Wearable Sensors

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